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How to Enjoy Life More Without Breaking the Bank

  Lots of people have a phase in their life which involves some serious budgeting. Maybe they’re saving up for a house deposit or they’re…



Lots of people have a phase in their life which involves some serious budgeting. Maybe they’re saving up for a house deposit or they’re paying off a serious amount of debt and so they don’t have much money to spare.

This doesn’t have to be a miserable time of life, though. Even if you’ve always enjoyed shopping, eating out and buying whatever you want when you want it, this lean period isn’t a punishment. It’s a readjustment, a time for contemplation and reflection and a chance to slow things down and really appreciate life.

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Here’s how to enjoy a less materialistic life.

Have friends round for a night of board games

It’ll be like revisiting your childhood all over again! Gather together some close friends and bond over a game of Monopoly, Risk or a newer game like Exploding Kittens. New board games can be quite pricey, so head to a charity shop first (make sure all the pieces are there before you part with any cash). What’s great about board games is that they’re collaborative and don’t involve everyone staring at a screen. Just having good chums physically with you, especially if you have some bowls of crisps on the go, will make you feel happier.

Organise a pot-luck evening

Entertaining people is fun, but it can get seriously expensive, so ask some friends to make a dish each and bring it over to yours for an evening of fun and different food. You’ll have to contribute a dish as well, of course, but that’s part of the enjoyment – cooking for loved ones is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Get out into the countryside for a walk

If you live in the countryside, or near to a large park or nature reserve, then don’t ignore it! Walking is amazing for lifting the spirits, especially if you have a dog with you – you can always borrow one if you don’t have a pooch of your own. Even if you don’t feel like it to start with, you’ll soon get into it and the benefits – increased fitness, burned-off calories – will speak for themselves before long.

Do some volunteering

It might be a Saturday afternoon in a local charity shop, a day in an animal sanctuary, or visiting an aged care home; whatever it is, volunteering is good for you. Getting out and helping people who need you makes you feel like you’re worthwhile and you’ll know you’re giving something back to society. It’s also a great way to improve your CV.

Start a new hobby

This doesn’t have to be expensive – it could be sketching, learning some yoga, baking, knitting or picking up a musical instrument that you always wanted to master. Whatever it is, you’ll be able to do it cheaply – if not for free – and it’ll give you a sense of achievement and satisfaction, as well as some tangible end results if it’s arty or crafty.

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