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How I made £1469 in January from my blog

  EW GROSS I’M TALKING ABOUT MONEY. Run away! I don’t get why people are weird about money. These days people are more comfortable about…




I don’t get why people are weird about money. These days people are more comfortable about talking about their sex life than they are about how much they earn a year. It’s odd.

Maybe if we spoke about money a bit more everyone would have a more realistic view of what an average income is and how much things cost. Is it because people don’t want to show off? Ir are they ashamed they might be seen as poor? Or is it just seen as taboo? I don’t know. Anyway, this post isn’t about how everyone is afraid to talk about pounds and pennies.

It’s about how I made £1500 in January on my blog.

If you’ve come here because you think I’m going to give you a bunch of contacts that will send you sponsored posts, then think again.

Though I want everyone to be inspired by this and hope it can lead you to earn a decent amount of money too, I also want to be realistic about how this isn’t a quick overnight success story. It’s hours of work and years of creating for nothing in return. You put the work in, you see the results. It’s as simple as that.

Here’s how I did it.

how to make money blogging


I’ve had this blog for over 6 years. Do not think you can start a blog and instantly make money.

I have spent 6 years working really hard on my blog and it’s content. I invested hours and hours learning about blogging and marketing before I made a single penny. It wasn’t until around 3 years in that I started seeing a trickle of money coming in.

Yes, just a trickle.

At first, it was the odd £40 here and then. Then it grew over time. Sometimes I’d make £200 in a month, then the next month it was back to zero.

That’s normal.

That’s the reason why I haven’t gone full time. Because it’s not consistent. I’m not guaranteed to make that much every single month.

Be prepared to put the time in and be prepared to research as much as you can.

Domain Authority.

Domain Authority is the big I AM that replaced Google Page Rank. If you’re on Facebook communities or Twitter, you may see requests for bloggers with a DA over a certain score.

My DA is 51. Which is quite high for a blog. I believe this is what gets me most of my collaboration.

Your DA is an indication of how valuable your website is in search terms. Placing an article on your site means it has a higher chance of getting on the first page than a blog with a lower DA. Getting a link from a site with a high DA can boost a websites own authority.

Work on increasing your DA if you want to get some sponsored posts.

DA updates every few weeks, so be aware that there will be ups and downs in your score.

Respond to collaborations.

Twitter and Facebook are a great place to find opportunities.

On Twitter, look out for brands or PRs looking for bloggers. Don’t forget to retweet! I always retweet every op I see, even if it’s relevant to me or not. Follow me here to get them retweeted into your feed.

Blogger communities on Facebook are also a great place to find yourself some work.

Communicate well.

Ensure you communicate well when you bag some sponsored work. Ensure you can meet the deadline, send an update when the post is to be scheduled and send the link in on time.

Be professional and be on time! This is a great way to get more work from the same brand or agency. If you mess people about, they’re not going to want to work with you again!

Don’t give out contacts!

Do not give out contacts without the permission of the person you are working with. It can be off-putting if as a PR if a blogger is sharing your email with everyone.

If they need more people to work with they will sometimes ask. If you have a friend that is keen to work with them, email the contact yourself with your friend’s blog, socials and email and invite her to message your friend if they are a good fit.

Bad reputation. 

Think about how you brand yourself on your social media accounts. If you are always arguing, having a go at companies or posting extreme views or controversial things, that could be off-putting to a brand.

While it’s okay to have an opinion and express yourself, be mindful of how you come across and how you deal with public conflict.

That’s how I’ve built up my business enough to regularly make over £1000 a month. What tips do you have?


  1. I don’t have tips to share but I do agree with what you say in this article. Blogging opportunities don’t come out of nowhere, it is always something we need to work for.

  2. That is impressive! Well done to you. As someone who has read your blog for a long time, your hardwork ethic comes across like a beacon- you clearly know what you are talking about, you share a lot of tips and you have worked for it. Even though I have never gone down the route of even attempting to explore the avenue of collaborating or earning anything, it would annoy me to see new bloggers thinking that it is easy and they can just earn lots- a bit like deluded singers who think they can sing a song, go on a reality show and make it who have never worked hard at their music.

  3. Hi Corinne,

    This is so inspiring, to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel (eventually). I’ve launched my blog today and have been researching to find out extra information on how to gain traffic.


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