February Goals

February Goals

Hello everyone.

Just wanted to do a little post with my goals to keep things on track. I went a bit off track at the end of February. I think I set myself a few too many goals that took up lots of time. This month I need to focus on not spreading myself so thin and not setting goals that don’t really work for me and my main goals.

If you want to see my January goals, check out this post.

February Goals

Monthly Goals:

Finish my Adobe Illustrator course.

I did want to completely finish this course. Sadly I am only 47% into it. I want to finish the rest in February. I did originally┬áplan to move onto a different course this month but I need to finish what I started first…

Study for my CIM 4 hours a week.

I set myself the goal of studying 2 hours a week last month. I did struggle with that. I need to find a way to study productively if I am going to pass this exam in April. I’ve been through each module once, now it’s about learning everything and going into a bit more detail!

I feel like I was really into this before Christmas, but now I feel a bit meh about it all!

Create a resource on InDesign.

I want to create a resource each month – so need to keep this on my agenda. I’ve already done a goal powersheet and financial planner. I’m thinking of doing something like a weekly to-do list or a study planner.


Comment on blogs at last once a week.

This is one of those things that I enjoy doing, but because it’s not essential I always skip it when I’m busy! I need to get better at commenting and visiting the blogs of my regular readers. I miss seeing what you guys are up to!

Update fitness blog weekly.

I have been doing okay with this. I want to get to two posts eventually but I’m not sure that’s realistic for me.


Manually pin twice a day.

I’ve been doing pretty well with these, but there are times that I’m not doing this every day!

As you can see, I’ve simplified my goals from last month and I’ve only kept in those that are most important.

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