5 ways to become more productive and get stuff done!

You know what they say – procrastinate now and panic later. More often than not I find it all to easy to put the pro…


5 ways to become more productive and get stuff done!

You know what they say – procrastinate now and panic later. More often than not I find it all to easy to put the pro in procrastination, as it’s just too easy to get distracted by other, less important things. Checking Facebook, Instagram, something catching your eye on the TV, or that five minute break that turns into 2 hours of watching conspiracy videos on YouTube, (we started on cats, how did we get here?). If this sounds all too familiar, and you’re sick of getting up early or staying up late to make sure you get all your jobs completed in the allotted time, then don’t worry. Read on for some super simple ways to become more productive and get stuff done!

5 ways to become more productive and get stuff done!

Don’t get overwhelmed

We’ve all been there. When the workload is simply piled too high and we start finding excuses or other little tasks instead. Basically, putting off the inevitable and probably making the situation worse. Sometimes it’s best to step away to reanalyse your priorities and then dive back in. So, step outside for a moment, get ten minutes of nature into your day – click here for information on trees – then rethink your day. Refine that never-ending to-do list and then tackle it head on.

Do the most important things before lunch

You might have a hundred emails waiting for you in your inbox and people asking you to call them back. That’s fine, but don’t get bogged down with these things first. They’ll drain all your energy. Prioritise the work that needs to be completed – you might be working straight through until the evening, but you mustn’t let anything distract you. If possible, allocate a specific time each day to reply to emails. That way clients will know when they can expect to hear from each day.

Discover your “peak time”

Morning person? Or night owl? We’re all more productive at certain times of the day. Personally, I find my energy and concentration waning as the day progresses, so getting up around 5.30am really kickstarts my productivity. But everyone is different. Once you’ve discovered you “peak time” dedicate that time to the most pressing matters on your to-do list. Everything else that gets done is a plus!

Turn off those “push notifications”

As far as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all those other social media platforms are concerned – turn off our notifications while you’re working, and you’ll find that your productivity soars. If you don’t need your phone with you while you’re working then have it on charge in another room. Out of sight, out of mind!

Clear your space

You might have an office at home, a certain spot on the sofa by the coffee table, or work in a big corporate building. Wherever you work, keeping your work station clear or clutter and tidy will certainly boost your productivity. Clutter is stressful and it’s the last thing you need when you’re trying to find a pen, or an important document.


  1. Love this, some great tips.
    I thankfully don’t have that much ‘work’ as such and generally only have the morning to do anything whilst little man naps, so I really do, get everything done before lunch! Haha!


  2. I wish I could actually make myself get up at 5, I’ll automagically wake up feeling inspired, but my body tells me a whole different story, I know I need to change this because who knows how much more productive I would really be

  3. This is a good post. A great reminder and I enjoyed reading this. I agree with everything you listed above. The most important to me was to prioritize my task and do all the important things first. If I don’t do it right away, another task can take up my time and I will forget to do it. If you can afford, have a secretary or assistance it makes my life really easy for me because I’m a busy person! Again great post and I enjoyed it. Keep up!

    From Dinodidwhat.com

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