We only went and got a cat

Ever since I met my boyfriend, I’ve been banging on about getting a cat. He’s Mr Dog Man through and has been against it. According to…


We only went and got a cat

Ever since I met my boyfriend, I’ve been banging on about getting a cat. He’s Mr Dog Man through and has been against it. According to Mr Skinnedcartree, cats don’t love you and dogs are better.

Last weekend he said he had something to show me. He wouldn’t tell me what. He said I would think he was nuts. After a while, he showed me a photo of two cats on Gumtree. He said he wanted them both.

He was right, I did think he was nuts. I told him to message about them if he wanted them. Turns out they had gone.

He then saw another cat he wanted. A white cat, 1-year-old. We were going to call him Jon. He had arranged to call up and speak to the owner about him and 20 minutes before the call, she emailed to say someone else wanted him and came and got him.

On Thursday, my boyfriend text me and told me not to make plans on Sunday morning. I kept asking why and he took ages to reply – we were getting a cat!

A 5-year-old cat that needed a loving home because her current owners didn’t have time to look after her due to having a newborn and a 3-year-old, they were also planning to move country.

I spent the whole time between Thursday and Sunday worried that someone else would get her.

On Sunday morning, we set off. I was nervous. We got there, knocked on the door and there was no answer. Mr SCT called and we had the wrong house across the street. We went into their house and then met the cuties, smallest cat and I was instantly in love.

We chatted for a while and then she was ours! I sat in the back with her in the cat carrier. She meowed a lot to start with and kept trying to push her little face out of the box, but finally, she settled.

When we got home, we let her out. She roamed around the house and then hid behind the sofa under the radiator.

We tried really hard just to leave her. Though we both kept going to see what she was up to behind the sofa. Mr SCT went to play guitar upstairs and I sat downstairs and blogged. She came out after a while, looked at me and went back in.

She stayed under the sofa for a few hours. We left her there to come out when she wanted, moving her food, water and bed near in case she got brave and wanted a drink!

Mr SCT put some wet food in a bowl and left it near the sofa. She came straight out. She then stayed out for a while, rubbing on things and letting us stroke her. She sat on the sofa on her cushion for ages.

After 30 minutes or so she went back under the sofa. She stayed there all night. When we went to bed, she came out and was meowing at the door.

Her meow sounds like a little ‘hello’. It’s so cute!

We ended up opening the door and she kept coming onto the bed. Then leaving and coming back. She tried to jump on the chest of drawers at one point, making a right noise and knocking my glasses to the floor!

I thought I lost her too, I went to look under the bed and pulled the covers back, there she was, in the bed! So cute 🙂

Her name is Annabelle 🙂


  1. Awwwww your new pet is so cute! Between a cat or fog I prefer a dog, I feel that I need a pet in my life too, I hope soon!

  2. She’s so cute!

    My current two cats came from rescue charities, but previous cats just seem to have turned up. I don’t think I could ever be without a cat, although we had a Staffordshire bull terrier when I was a teenager.

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