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The Top 4 Jobs That Require You to Travel

Do you enjoy travelling but feel that your job is holding you back? Are you envious of people who get to earn a living but…


The Top 4 Jobs That Require You to Travel

Do you enjoy travelling but feel that your job is holding you back? Are you envious of people who get to earn a living but still enjoy the thrill of visiting destinations you yearn to see? Resigning to your fate is not the only option you’ve got. It would help if you considered jobs that involve travel. When making your pick, consider jobs you would enjoy. This will make your travel adventure more exciting.

The Top 4 Jobs That Require You to Travel

Write about various destinations

Many people envy travel bloggers and may not understand how they are earning a living by travelling to various destinations. Instead of thinking someone else is living your life, you can start living that life instead. Take the first step. If you feel writing about destinations is not your cup of coffee, you can find something you would enjoy exploring. For example, you can consider freelance writing about the food, culture, or lifestyle of the people in various nations. Remember, it is easier to make money doing something you are passionate about than a job you think you will grow to love with time.


Pictures often add authenticity to a tale. Some people prefer using original photos than what is readily available online. For example, some travel bloggers do not travel to the destinations they write about. However, to capture the attention of their audience, they need great photos. You may choose to meet this need if you have a great camera, love photography, and enjoy travelling. If the pictures are breathtaking, you will make great sales online. A great starting point could be photos from your current location.

Teach English online

Today, many nations have come to appreciate the value of the English language. It is a universal language that has eased communication around the globe. To compete favourably in the job market, learning English has become a necessity. For example, China neglected the English language for years. They are now trying to correct this error. If you choose to be an online English tutor, you will be able to travel and teach from any destination. All you need is a reliable internet connection.

Work on a cruise ship

The travel industry is an excellent option if you are looking for a job that gives you the opportunity to travel. Employment opportunities are readily available on cruise ships. However, they are also highly sought after. You will need to be aggressive and submit your application as soon as you see an opening. The beauty of a cruise ship is you will dock in a particular location for some time giving you time to explore various destinations. Besides the exciting opportunity to visit places you never imagined you would, free accommodation and meals in an incentive you should not overlook.

There are so many more jobs that offer you the opportunity to travel. You need to identify the position you feel is best suited for you. Some of these jobs require patience since you are unlikely to start earning immediately. However, with the right strategy and consistency, you will begin seeing returns to the time and energy you shall have invested in the work you do.


  1. I haven’t tried much online English language tutoring. I remember seeing how little some Youtube British English teachers charge for an hour and it discouraged me from even trying. I don’t see how they make a living charging that little per hour and them being professional teachers with a good following and teaching experience, it just doesn’t make sense. English teachers are a dime a dozen these days, it can be hard to make a living that way but I would encourage everyone to try. You never know, you may come across amazing students and earn a steady income. It’s definitely worth a try, and it is one of those jobs one can do from anywhere.

  2. I started online tutoring for Chinese people (both children and adults) and it was AMAZING. I could organise my own schedule, work however many hours I preferred and got paid pretty well tbh! I did it whilst travelling in Australia too. Doing the online tutoring gave me the experience and confidence to move to Hong Kong and teach properly over here! It’s fab being able to work abroad and still feel like you’re constantly on holiday! I think I’ll eventually go back to online tutoring though! This is a fab post and such a great read 🙂 x

  3. I’ve never thought about teaching English online before!

    Seeing as I’m saving for a house deposit, it might be worth looking in to!

    The Crown Wings | UK Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  4. I work as CSA with Air Canada because I thought I would be able to travel more with cheap airfare but I get paid peanuts so unless I get to fly completely free, I won’t be travelling any time soon.

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