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Small home upgrades for the new year

New year, new me, new home. Or something like that. The biggest home improvement we’ll be doing this year is hopefully moving house. To a…


New year, new me, new home.

Or something like that.

The biggest home improvement we’ll be doing this year is hopefully moving house. To a bigger house in a better area. York is expensive, so we had to settle for a smaller property if we wanted to be close to the centre. I say we – but it’s actually my boyfriend’s house. We had only been together 10 months when he bought it and though I planned to move in, I guess it would have been a bit silly to get a mortgage together after knowing each other for less than a year!

I’ve spent the last 18 months saving up so I can contribute some cash to the next house and we are hoping to move in July time. I can’t wait! I need more space to put my clothes. Half a wardrobe just isn’t cutting it for me and if all the washing is done, I struggle to put my clothes away.

When I lived on my own I had two double wardrobes to myself. The things you do for love, eh, sacrificing dress space. That’s big deal for women!

With that in mind, we’re not going to be spending too much on the house over the next few months. When we moved in, everything had recently been repainting, the carpets are pretty new and it’s ready to live in. But of course, there are a few things we might want to upgrade to take to our new home.


There’s nothing like soft, fluffy towels. We have some towels that are all different colours. When we get a new house which will hopefully have a second bathroom or toilet, something like SaaSoh luxury hands towels would be fab!


I’ve been banging on about ottomans for months! We’ve got a corner sofa and my boyfriend likes to spread out, as do I. There’s not enough room for us both to get our feet up so I’m dying for an ottoman to put my feet up so my boyfriend can put his up on the short end of the corner sofa. One from would be fab! I’m after one that you can keep things inside for a bit of extra hidden storage space.

New coffee machine.

We have a Tassimo but it’s a bit old now. There’s a warning light that stays on and we can’t get it off no matter what we do or how much we clean it! It’s probably time for a new one. I love having a caramel latte in a morning and although the pods are expensive, about £4 for 8 lattes, it’s worth it. Might even treat myself to some HotShot Coffee Sleeves just for the laugh. Ha.

Matching cups.

We’re basically living as students still with cups we’ve collected over the years. We both have our favourites. I have a big one with a giraffe on and a Tardis one! Boyfriend has his favourite too. But I’d love to get some nice cups that match. It just feels adult. They have some lovely Fox and Ivy ones from Tesco that I would love.


We have actually just got a new washer/dryer but I thought it was worth adding to the list because it’s been so useful during the colder months!

You can’t dry everything in it, but it’s been a godsend for things like towels and bedsheets which tend to smell a bit mouldy before they actually dry!

What small upgrades are you making this year?

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