Sluggish and slow? Start 2019 the right way with these 4 energy boosting tips

Sluggish and slow? Start 2019 the right way with these 4 energy boosting tips

Do you ever get to 7 pm and wonder if it’s too early to go to bed? Do you sometimes wish you’d brought some matchsticks to work with you, so you can prop your eyes open with them? Do your energy levels crash around 3 pm and you just don’t know why? Well, if any of this seems relevant to you then maybe you need to look at some natural ways to boost your energy levels.

We might feel tired for many reasons, it could be down to our diets, lack of sleep or even something like an iron deficiency (if you’re worried, go and see your GP), changing our lifestyle habits doesn’t often happen overnight, so if you’re looking for a little energy boost then why not try one of these natural remedies?

Step away from the energy drinks and eye creams – give these a go first!

Sluggish and slow? Start 2019 the right way with these 4 energy boosting tips

Keep your stress levels under control

Deadlines, social commitments, the kids, family, there just aren’t enough hours in the day! And its for that reason that our stress levels skyrocket which in turn drains us both physically and mentally. Simply put, if you want to boost your energy levels on a more permanent basis, you need to reduce your stress. If you’re struggling, talk to a friend or a relative or even your GP if it’s all getting too much. You could also try yoga, meditation and even self-hypnosis to try and reduce your stress levels.

Drink more water

How can something that we need to do to survive, be so difficult to maintain? Very few of us drink enough water per day. With current guidelines suggesting around 8 glasses. Some of us don’t enjoy the taste of it and most of us just forget, opting for drinks like tea and coffee – which technically have the opposite effect. Boosting your water intake helps with brain function, which means you’ll feel more alert. Treat yourself to a new water bottle that you can take with your everywhere. Or set yourself goals to have drunk X amount of water by 11 am etc.


Obvious health benefits aside, regular exercise improves the quality of your sleep as you’ll sleep deeper and more soundly each night. When we exercise, epinephrine and norepinephrine are released – these are stress hormones that can help you feel more energised when they’re released in smaller amounts. You don’t have to have an intensive work out every day, just a brisk walk around the block or the park on your lunch break is a great place to start! Need motivation to exercise? Then see this article.

Kick your smoking habit

We all know the dangers smoking poses to our health and the health of those around us. But did you know that your smoking habit could be what’s causing your poor quality of sleep? Tobacco is a stimulant so every time your light up, you’re siphoning off valuable energy resources with an increased heart rate, a rise in your blood pressure and increased brain activity. Make 2019 the year you quit for good!

I quit smoking over 5 years ago! Read about it here.

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