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New things to try in 2019

I’m 100% on the bandwagon for the new year, new me hype. I have my blog and career goals confirmed as well as my fitness…


I’m 100% on the bandwagon for the new year, new me hype. I have my blog and career goals confirmed as well as my fitness goals.

Although the things I want to achieve don’t just stop there. I have a constant need to grow and experience new things. I’m not happy with just doing the same things every day, year or month.

This year I want to try new things. If we have a spare Saturday night, we generally go into York for a meal and a few drinks. I’m doing Dry January this year, so that’s out of the question! But here are some things I do want to do!

New things to try in 2019.

Ski lessons.

I went skiing 3 times when I was at school. I wasn’t great at it but it was a lot of fun. A few years ago, my housemate and I learnt how to snowboard at Xscape.

I’d love to go back and have ski lessons as I’d really like to go skiing again!


You’ve got to admit, there’s something really cool about shooting an arrow or using Ten Point Crossbows. In a controlled environment, of course, shooting them at targets and not at anything that’s alive!

When we went to Cyprus in 2015 we could do archery once a week. It was really difficult but I did feel really empowered doing it!

Wine and whiskey tasting.

My boyfriend has really gotten me into whiskey and we both love wine, so having a wine tasting session at somewhere like would be great. We went to Veeno a year or so ago and their wine tasting was amazing. I’d love to do something similar again. But after Dry January, of course!

Beer tour.

There are loads of beer tours in York and Leeds. They are mini-bus tours that take you to several breweries and you get to same the beer. Again – something we would both love after Dry Jan!

Theme parks.

I have a love and hate relationship with theme parks. I love rides but wuss out on some. If a ride goes upside down, I can’t take it. I think it makes my vertigo worse and it terrifies me so much I need something like to get over the stress and anxiety. It’s both terrifying and thrilling, ha. It’s a pity we don’t live close to any theme parks other than Flamingoland. Might pester the boyfriend to take me to Disneyland Paris!

Rock Climbing. 

Rock climbing seems to be a hot new trend and I’d love to try it! There are climbing walls all over at the moment. I’m a bit worried though as I’m not very good with heights. I’m not scared of them, it’s just bloody vertigo that ruins my life! I wish I could just try it on my own so I don’t make myself look silly when I can’t do it!

So those are the new things I’d like to try in 2019.

Do you have your eye on any new hobbies or skills?


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