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If you could build a dream home from scratch…

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but when I was younger I was constantly drawing floor plans of my future home. I dreamt of…


dream home

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but when I was younger I was constantly drawing floor plans of my future home. I dreamt of having massive bedrooms with enough spare rooms for all my friends and family. I dreamt of a garden with a maze, a pond or lake and a secret garden just for me.

Awww. So much hope.

Sadly I then entered the real world and realised I didn’t have 6 million pounds to spend on a property. But I still like to dream.

So I’m designing my own house in my head. Do you wanna see what I’d have in my dream home? Well, you have no choice. I mean, unless you leave this post right now so I guess you do have a choice. But please don’t’ leave I love you.

dream home

Creating my dream home. 

A grand entrance.

I’m taking big wooden double doors that lead into a hallway that has two sets of stairs going up either side. Or a staircase like in The Haunting of Hill House that goes up the middle, but splits off into both directions. I want it to be a feature piece of the house and enough space have guests stand with glasses of champagne before being invited in for dinner at all the fancy parties I’ll have now I am rich and don’t need to work.

A grand hall.

I would love a grand hall with a long table fit for having people over for meals. I’d love to go for Harry Potter Style long but that’s probably a little over the top (lol). One that sits around 14 people. That’ll do for me. I’,m not asking for much!

The kitchen.

The kitchen in my house just doesn’t do. There isn’t enough surface space or storage space. I want a kitchen that has loads of sideboards for preparing food and a double oven so I can cook more than two things at once.

I’d love a big double fridge with an ice machine built in. We had one of those in Australia and it was perfect.

My study. 

Of course, I’m going to have some form of library/study. A big desk with a computer, an armchair in the corner with an ottoman so I can sit on my laptop or read. A view of the garden and plenty of light coming through the windows!

The garden.

Recruiting a company like, I’d have them construct some form of fitness studio. A bright an airy space where can create my own gym, as well as have something like a basketball hoop. Trampoline. I also need a trampoline but I’m not sure if my vertigo would allow me to jump! I’d also get a drone from OmniView Tech to fly around my big gardens! As well as help me make some amazing video content!

A swimming pool. I also want a pool. That is heated.

The security. 

I’d get or similar to help buy a top security system. Sensors, infrared cameras and all. I’d probably spend more time than needed in the CCTV room just surveying my kingdom!

That’s it. My dream house. I just need to win the lottery now. Until then, I’ll be in my 2-bed semi-detached house with a concrete backyard.

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