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How to Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

The new year is a great time to evaluate and make changes to ensure that you have the best year yet. Many of us decide…


How to Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

The new year is a great time to evaluate and make changes to ensure that you have the best year yet. Many of us decide to kick start our year with optimistic resolutions, new goals and good intentions. From starting yoga classes to quitting smoking to becoming vegan, January is full of new ways to improve yourself and how you live your life. Though you can’t change everything, you can change yourself, and with this in mind, there are no reasons why 2019 can’t be your best year yet.

Be Realistic

When the clock strikes midnight, many of us choose to make huge lifestyle changes, like starting a detox diet, quitting a bad habit, aiming to lose a certain amount of weight or starting a new exercise regime. Though these are often helpful, it can be better to be realistic and really evaluate your current situation, and what will be a long-lasting and truly beneficial goal. Small positive changes and a realistic outlook can make it far more likely for you to succeed in your goals. Instead of aiming to quit caffeine cold turkey, it may be wiser to just stop drinking coffee after you finish work, and then reduce over time. The end goal is the same, but you are far more likely to stick with it.

Invest in Your Future

Planning ahead and thinking about the future are really important elements when there is a whole new year ahead of you. There are several ways that you can invest in your future, from implementing financial goals to learning new skills. If you are looking for a way to make your savings work for you, then 2019 might be the year for you to consider investing in property. With house prices rising around the UK, and rents on the rise too, buy to let property investment can be a great way to earn extra income and increase your assets. Property investment specialists like RW Invest can offer exclusive buy to let opportunities in UK cities that are experiencing record growth, which you can make the most of in 2019. Another way you can invest in your future is by learning new skills or taking up an old one. If you love travelling, try to learn a new language or if you are stuck in your career, consider taking a night class.

Be Grateful

Another way you can ensure that 2019 is your best year yet is by appreciating what you currently have and being grateful for the good things. Recent research has shown that being grateful can give you a host of benefits like improved self-esteem, better sleep and reduced aggression. Whether you choose to start keeping a journal, thinking about five things that you are grateful for before you sleep or telling people you appreciate them more, try to be a little more grateful in 2019.

Look After Yourself

Self-care is one of the most important things you can do in 2019, and with hectic schedules, busy social lives and non-stop pressure, try incorporating self-care into your routine. Whether this is taking care of your body and eating better or taking time to relax and have a bath, try to be kind to yourself and understand what you need. Try and spend more time with people who you respect and admire, consider a mind and body exercise like yoga and don’t be afraid to say no when things get too much.

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  1. These are great tips. Investing in our education and skill development is always a great way to better our selves and our year. Taking care of our health is also important.

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