#HomeGoals 5 Great Ways To Enhance Your Home In 2019

 5 Great Ways To Enhance Your Home In 2019

With the new year now upon us, homeowners up and down the country will be eager to improve their properties over the coming weeks and months. The burning question, however, is which project is right for you?  

Here are five fantastic solutions that will help you reach those #HomeGoals in 2019. Happy New Year.  

 5 Great Ways To Enhance Your Home In 2019

1. Make It Feel Bigger  

Bigger is better, or at least it’ll give you more opportunities. Building an extension in 2019 is the perfect way to feel like you’ve gained a bigger property without needing to move. Planning permission laws vary according to building size, so you will need to keep this in mind. Still, the new room or added space can work wonders for your home in 2019. Alternatively, you could look to bring a new dimension to the home by upgrading the garden with a deck or patio area.   

2. Make It Organised  

A clean and organised home is far happier than a messy and cluttered property. Use the new year as a chance to get rid of unwanted goods and earn a little money. Follow this by creating hidden storage under the stairs, behind doors, and by using shelves rather than cabinets that take up floor space. Optional ideas include fixing the television to the wall in favour of the old TV unit or using retractable furniture. These steps can be used to claw back valuable floor space.  

3. Make It Functional  

There’s nothing worse than feeling that the home isn’t fulfilling its full potential. Therefore, it’s imperative that you ensure it is designed to satisfy the needs of your modern family. Having an office that allows you to work from home, for example, could be very useful if you’re a parent of young children or an entrepreneur. Likewise, fitness enthusiasts may want a dedicated gym space while film buffs may look to home cinemas depending on the size. You’ve got to do what works for you.  

4. Make It Personal  

On the note of doing what’s right for you, a little charm and character will go a long way. A house is never a home until it feels personal, which is why trying to replicate page 12 of the IKEA catalogue simply won’t do. As well as the standard family photos and souvenirs, you could consider sporting memorabilia and other special items. Meanwhile, each room should have one standout feature that makes the home feel like yours. Whether it’s a lamp or a houseplant, success is assured.

 Make It Cost-Efficient    

Financial headaches are nothing short of a nightmare, and the home is likely to be the biggest source. Green investments such as LED light bulbs, water-saving appliances, and solar energy will aid your pocket. This is as well as the environment. Most importantly, though, you should look to cut down on the waste. Change your habits, embrace upcycling, and opt for upgrades that actively add value to the home. When the home is kinder on your bank balance, you’ll have every reason to smile.   

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