4 Smart Ways You Can Make Your Home Safer

4 Smart Ways You Can Make Your Home Safer

Having a safe home is essential if you want to feel truly at ease and comfortable. Unfortunately, it’s something that most of us take for granted. If push came to shove, could you honestly say that your belongings and family are safe if someone tried breaking in? Even if there’s a slight bit of doubt, this shows you need to boost your security.

So, here are a few smart ways you can do just that:

4 Smart Ways You Can Make Your Home Safer

Install a video doorbell

You’ve probably seen the adverts for those doorbells that come with cameras, right? If not, then there’s a video below this paragraph that shows what I’m talking about. Here, you can see who’s at your door, which is a great way to scare off any intruders that are scoping out your home. Some burglars ring the doorbell to see if anyone’s in, then break in afterwards. You can answer your doorbell via an app, and it’ll send them running away with their tail between their legs.

Don’t keep expensive items in your home

One way to make your home safer is to avoid keeping expensive things there. Naturally, some items – like your TV, clothes, and so on – have to stay at home. But, for anything else, you can move it to a secure storage location. There are lots of companies that provide secure self-storage, and you can search online if this is something you’re keen to discover. With this, you’re basically locking valuable possessions in a box/room that’s under strict surveillance. It’s much safer than keeping them at home, and there’s also less risk of losing things if you do get broken into.

Put up fake CCTV cameras that are easy to see

Nothing improves security like CCTV cameras. You’d have to be an idiot to try and rob a house with cameras all outside it. Sure, you can buy a proper home security set with working cameras, but they’re expensive. Fake ones are great as they look real and just scare people away. It’s the mere presence of cameras that worries some intruders, so you’ll have less to be concerned with.

Fit new locks

It’s always worth fitting new locks if you’ve had the same ones for ages. They can become worn down and you should visit a company like Fast Keys to get better ones installed. Locks are far more secure these days as they come in loads of different varieties. You can even get smart locks, as shown in the video above this paragraph. New locks also ensure that people can’t get into your home if you had your bag stolen and they took your house key – or something similar to that scenario. Get some modern ones, and security will be reinforced.

A safer home is just around the corner with this advice! Get your hands on one of those fancy doorbells, avoid keeping valuable possessions in the house as this makes you a target, install new locks, and put up some cameras – real or fake. If 2018 was a year littered with break-ins, either to your property or nearby ones, then take this advice on board to make 2019 a much safer year.

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