2019 Interior Design Trends you should not miss

As we embrace the new year, January is well and truly the perfect opportunity for a complete refresh. It’s a time to revaluate, reflect and…


2019 Interior Design Trends you should not miss

As we embrace the new year, January is well and truly the perfect opportunity for a complete refresh. It’s a time to revaluate, reflect and refresh, and leave behind the bad and embrace the good. Out with the old and in the with the new as they say. When you are deciding what to focus on, it is important not to neglect your home, this needs plenty of love too. After all, it is your sanctuary, a place to go when the outside world is all getting too much. For the décor lover in you, there are some interior design trends for 2019 that you simply should not miss.

So, what’s in and what’s out? Coco Chanel always said, ‘less is more’, and this rule can not only be applied to fashion but in your home too. Often, it’s not the wacky, extravagant and farfetched design that make your home appealing. Understated is definitely a common theme this year.

2019 Interior Design Trends you should not miss

Dark Kitchens

Dark kitchens are all the rage and one of the strongest style trends this year. Searches for black and navy-blue kitchens are up 93% in the past six months, with matt and powdery finishes proving really popular. Modern kitchen designs are becoming more chic, modern and simplistic, catching the attention of style-conscious designers wanting to add a little extra to their home. Whether it is on the floors, walls, units or splashbacks, dark blue has become the go-to colour. Blue is the new grey. Fact.


Home is where the heart is, and velvet is winning the hearts of the nation. Searches for velvet has increased by 400% by the end of 2018, as people prepare to furnish their home this new year. Seductive and luxurious but yet funky and quirky, velvet beds and velvet sofas are some of the most desirable additions to your home this year, creating one of the biggest sought-after trends.

Compact Furnishing and Modular Storage

The rise of city centre living is truly upon us, with more people than ever before seeking to live in bustling city centres as opposed to idyllic suburbs. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to consider modular storage in your humble abode to maximise your space. Compact furnishings can make your home appear larger and allows more room for other furnishings. RW Invest, property investment specialists offer an extensive range of properties across numerous city centre locations. These developments come with furniture packs which is designed to keep studio living in mind, therefore increasing the sense of space.

Black and White

Monochrome living, a truly timeless colour palette to compliment your home effortlessly. The visual contrast of black and white will provide a sense of tranquillity and composure in the white against the boldness of the black, which fuse together to create a simple, yet effective design.

Bold Patterns

The word ‘bold’ may put you off completely, but what if I said that bold looks better in smaller doses. Forget garish colours splatted across your walls teamed with gaudy artwork, patterns and textures, it’s all about that little splash of bold that adds warmth to your home. Floral patterns and geometric shapes will help to make a statement, without overpowering your room. Just remember, bold is beautiful.


  1. OMG! Thank goodness everything I love is on trend this year! I bought my house Nov 2017 and I haven’t started decorating yet But I already have espresso cabinets in my kitchen! #winning This is very helpful for a new homeowner like myself. Thank you for this post!

  2. I have a white kitchen but I see the appeal of dark ones. Minimalism in decor is definitely something I appreciate. My fashion sense is all over the place, but when it comes to home, I love the modern minimalism. This is a great take on design trends.

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