Noises that annoy me

I’m not saying I have misophonia, but there are times when some noises really grate on me. Some are just awful noises whereas others are…


I’m not saying I have misophonia, but there are times when some noises really grate on me. Some are just awful noises whereas others are noises I associate with a feeling I don’t like.

I also have an aversion to noises that I don’t recognise. They frighten me. It’s a bit let when you pick up a cup of water and drink it but it’s not actually water. It’s orange. And your brain freaks out because you are experiencing something that you weren’t expecting. I get that often with sound. Especially when I am driving.

If I can’t put my finger on the noise I feel anxious and I jump. Like physically jump! I need the Atlanta Hearing Doctor or The Hearing Room to help me out here. Instead of helping me hear, maybe they can help me un-hear certain noises. Like the following which are the most annoying I can think of:

People on the phone.

I hate hearing people talking loud on their mobile phone! It happens a lot at work and it can be a bit overbearing. I did read a study once that said listening to someone talk on their phone is annoying because you can only hear one side of the conversation and have to fill in the blanks to the other side. Hearing one side of a conversation is universally more annoying than hearing two people have a conversation. It’s much easier to tune that out!

Mobile phone noises.

There is someone in my office at work who has their phone on loud and constantly is getting messages. They have different text noises for different apps or people. One is The Minions saying ‘Hello? Hellloooo’.

It’s annoying. Who has their phone on loud these days anyway? I have my phone on silent unless I am expecting a call. All messages are always silent. All notifications are muted. Let’s just be quiet shall we?


Gah. There are a bunch of teenagers that live in my area and they go around and around the streets on their moped late at night. Usually when we are in bed and it is the loudest noise! It grates on me. What makes it worse is that they just go around in circles for no reason!


My boyfriend constantly drums on himself and sometimes on me and it is the most annoying sound! I just don’t get why he needs to do it but he does. I must yell at him for it at least once a day!

Vans and trucks.

Whether someone is moving house and using a company like or the dustbin men are coming around early in the morning – there’s nothing worse than the loud sound of the reverse beep tone and the banging these trucks make!

Green Scourers.

I can’t talk about this much because just describing it is making me think about it and now I feel awful. That scratchy sound of scourers on surfaces or pans goes through me and makes me feel sick! Help.

What noises do you think are annoying?


  1. I cannot handle the sound my husband .makes when he’s trying a food. It’s awful! I actually want to ring guy his neck. Also I cant stand it when obnoxious, antisocial teens listen to crappy music outloud on their phones or when radio presenters or interviewees say, “You know,” when speaking as a substitute for, “Er,” I sit there counting…

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