Need last minute gift ideas? Let personalised gifts save the day!

There’s always one person you struggle to buy for! Whether it’s something close to you, or a random person you got in Secret Santa at work, personalised gifts are a great way give someone a unique pressy!

Struggling for gift ideas? Whether it's something close to you, or a random person you got in Secret Santa at work, personalised gifts are a great gift!

Personalised gift ideas.


How adorable are these tasty chocolate personalised gifts from Thorntons? If you have a chocolate lover in your life, then this is the way to go. I love the personalised truffles where you can pick what you want them to say! The advent calendars are also lovely, must remember those for Christmas 2019!


Last year I got some personalised port. It’s a lovely gesture to have something with your name or – even an inside joke! I’ve also been given a bottle of wine that had photos printed on. These type of gifts are a bit more expensive than your standard bottle of wine/spirit, but they have a bit more thought put into them which is what matters!


Listen, calendars are such a lovely gift for a friend or parent. If you have kids, a calendar would make such a perfect present for your parents. They would be proud as punch to have a calendar full of their grandkids on the wall! It can also make a cheesy but nice gift for a partner, your favourite photos of you both together.

Phone cases.

You can get personalised gifts in the form of phone cases, too. Again, another great gift for a grandparent or partner. Or for a funny gift – put a meme on a phone case and gift to a friend!

A pillow.

Last year my friend India got her boyfriend a massive cushion of her face for him. It was the best gift I’ve ever seen and so funny as she was pulling a stupid face.

Personalised family portraits.

There are so many talented people on Etsy! Some of them do family portraits, cute little sketches of family members – including pets – which are a lovely gift.

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