How to make your home cosy for winter

How to make your home cosy for winter

IT’S SO COOOOLLLLDDD is what Nikki from Big Brother 4 would say. But you know what the only good thing about being SO COLD is? When you get to go home, turn the heating on and get cosy with a hot chocolate and blanket.

I love the idea of a cosy feel living room so wanted to write a post on some things that can get you all cosy and ready for those freezing nights.

How to make your home cosy for winter

How to make your home cosy for winter

Blankets and pillows.

If you’ve ever sat on a leather sofa first thing on a winter morning, you’ll get my logic when I suggest adding blankets, throws and cushions to your sofa and seating areas. When you’re all comfy watching TV on an evening and suddenly get a bit of a chill, pull a blanket over you to stay warm. And save on the heating bill! Using different textures and fabrics can really add some warmth and a bit of style to your home.

Warmer walls.

A coat of paint on your walls or even just a feature wall can make a home feel much cosier. Go for warm colours such as deep red, navy or green to create that feeling of being in a hug.

Dress your Windows

Keeping in the theme of deep colours, dark curtains or light oak wooden blinds are another way to keep things cosy!

Ambient lighting.

Harsh white light makes it seem like you’re in a supermarket or in an office. We want our home to feel homely, so go for warm bulbs and rather than having the harsh light coming from your ceiling, have a lamp or two in the corner of your room. Candles can also help that feeling of being snug as a bug in a rug!

Speaking of rugs…

Have wooden or laminate flooring in your home? It might look lovely, but it can make everything feel colder. Walking along a cold floor in bare feet is not the feeling we’re looking for – invest in a statement rug to cover the floor during the colder months!

The scent of winter.

Change how your room feels by adding fragrance. At this time year, there are lots of different wintery smells you can add to your home in the form of candles, plugins or just general sprays.

Winter spices, open fires, cinnamon, woody aromas or even the relaxing lavender.

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  • Claire Chircop

    When we chose our new sofas I was adamant I didn’t want leather, just because of how cold they are 🙂 We’ve picked fabric ones and even still have four throws thrown over them 🙂 I’m all for a cosy home! And I definitely agree with you about finding cosy Winter scents! My other half has really bad asthma so I can’t burn any candles or have diffusers unfortunately, but they definitely make a huge difference.

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