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Get your home ready for winter

Winter is coming! It’s awful, isn’t it? As I type this, the weather outside is typically British – the sky is grey and it’s drizzling….


Get your home ready for winter

Winter is coming!

It’s awful, isn’t it? As I type this, the weather outside is typically British – the sky is grey and it’s drizzling. It’s not long until the icy mornings will come and if you’re a homeowner, it’s time to think about making sure your house is ready for winter.

Get your home ready for winter

Get your boiler serviced.

The last thing you want is your boiling conking out on you right when you do not have the time or the money to get it fixed.

It’s always the case, isn’t it? It’s Sunday evening and you have a busy week ahead and your boiler stops working, meaning you’re left with a choice of having a cold shower in the morning or calling out a plumber on a Sunday night and facing excess charges.

It’s a great idea to get your boiler checked and serviced around this time a year to make sure it can cope with the extra use over winter.

Look into boiler cover.

Sometimes boilers do break, even if you have done everything to ensure it’s in the right working order. There are many services you can use that insure your boiler. For a monthly charge, you can rest assured that if your boiler stops working you can have someone out to look at it quickly with no extra charge.

Get insulated.

Whether you are in the middle of constructing an extension to your home or want to just insulate your current space, adding insulation to areas of your house such as in the loft can help keep it work and save you on heating bills. Did you know that a quarter of heat is lost through the roof of your house? Time to get it sorted! Click here for more info.

Get your car serviced.

I know a car isn’t your house, but if you rely on it daily to get to work it’s just as important as a house! I’m lucky in that my cars MOT and service is due each September – a great time of year to get it serviced to ensure it’s fit for winter. When the cold weather comes and starts bringing ice, you need to make sure your brakes are spot on and your tyres are in good condition.

Protect your pipes.

Freezing pipes can cause you issues and the best way to stop them from freezing is to protect them with a foam layer. If you want more info, click here for how to look after your pipes in winter, especially those in the loft!

Clear gutters and drains. 

Leaves and other rubbish can get trapped in your gutters. If you don’t clear them it could lead to overflowing and leaking in your roof and walls a which opens up a whole can of worms in terms of costs and fixing your home after water damage!

Check your roof.

Get your roof checked for broken or loose tiles, you want to make sure you are safe from the floods!

So there you have it, some tips on getting your house winter ready. What do you do to prepare for the cold weather?

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  1. I smiled at this list – as although we don’t have boilers here we were looking at insulation – to keep the heat out, rather than in, haha! Long story short, the body corporate won’t let us install insulation, part of the reason we have been so desperately house hunting the past few years!

    Hope that you are having a good week so far! Our heatwave has finally ended which is a relief! 🙂

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