Tuttons // Covent Garden

Tuttons review Covent Garden

We had plans to go to Fortune Theatre to see Women in Black on of our evenings in London. We decided to go to Covent Garden for food before.

We stumbled upon Tuttons right on the corner of Covent Garden. It’s a bit of a brasserie type of place. After looking at the menu and not feeling very inspired, we decided to share a starter, some chips and a meat sharing platter. My boyfriend and I could eat meat and cheese platters all day. So it was a no-brainer really. The waitress told us that it was bar food so we might not be able to have it. Which was frustrating as we had already felt a bit disappointing by the poor menu and the special starter we ordered being off menu as they had run out of it. It was written on a chalkboard. Why they didn’t wipe it off when they had run out is beyond me.

Anyway, I am no restaurant expert so what do I know? We got the squid and chorizo to start with and it actually exceeded our low expectations. The meat platter was also tasty – the only thing is they plumped it up with lettuce under the meat so it looked much more than there actually was.

The service wasn’t great either. The guy who brought our beer over slammed it out in front of us, he made my eye contact and didn’t say a word. We both ordered the same beer so he just plonked it right down on the table. I was a bit shocked as I readied myself to say ‘thank you’ and he just walked off.

So yeah, I’m not one to write a negative review but there just wasn’t many great things about this restaurant. Sad.

Tuttons review Covent Garden Tuttons review Covent GardenTuttons review Covent Garden

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