How to drive traffic from Twitter to your blog

Twitter can be a powerful tool for bloggers. With over 330 active million monthly users, there is a potential to reach a massive audience. I’ve…


How to drive traffic from Twitter to your blog

Twitter can be a powerful tool for bloggers. With over 330 active million monthly users, there is a potential to reach a massive audience.

I’ve always got most of my traffic from Twitter, though that’s starting to change since I’ve been putting more effort into Pinterest and growing traffic from there. It’s true that I’ve been neglecting Twitter lately and I have seen a dip in Twitter referrals. And I can see why.

I’ve stopped being as social on the social media platform. Everything is automated. I use it just to share posts and not much else.

I decided to do a bit of research into what works for Twitter in 2018, seeing as my old posts are a little outdated now. These are tips I’ll be trying myself and hope to see some great results in Google Analytics. In the past week, I’ve only had 55 sessions from Twitter, vs 56 from Pinterest.

In December 2016 I got 3,226 views just from Twitter. That was a pretty normal number! Time to get back on the game.

Here are some awesome tips to drive some yummy traffic from Twitter to your blog.

How to drive traffic from Twitter to your blog

Be social.

Remember that Twitter is a social media platform. Automating some of your tweets is a great way to save time, but it isn’t something you should solely rely on. Having your entire feed be just promotional tweets just looks spammy.

I know because that’s what mine can often look like. Help. I feel embarrassed.

Life gets in the way, I get it. Most of us work, study, have a life so we don’t have time to be tweeting constantly. But you’ve got to post things that people will engage with rather than just your links.

Ask what people are up to. Post a funny thing that’s happened to you that’s relatable. Start a poll. Ask questions and get people talking.

Set a goal to do this each day. Might be something like:

  • Tweet before work
  • Tweet on lunch
  • Tweet after work

Have you noticed when you talk to someone on Twitter you start seeing their tweets more?  That’s what we want – people to talk to you so your tweets show more often in their feed.

Don’t be afraid to dive in the conversation of others! Especially if there are a few people in there that don’t follow. It’s a great way to network.

Add value.

Share valuable content. It should be:

  • funny
  • entertaining
  • relatable
  • informative.

I’m selective about what posts I share on Twitter – all my posts get tweeted when they are first published, but I generally only share blog tips or self-improvement type posts regularly.

Adding value to your readers will keep them clicking on links you share, keep them following you and even retweeting to reach a larger audience.

Don’t forget that you can also add value by retweeting other peoples content!

Be helpful.

You know those type of tweets where someone wants to get to 400 followers by the end of the day?

Retweet it and wish them good luck.

That’s one way to be helpful and start building relationships with others on Twitter.

Wait, there’s more. You can also answer any questions you see people ask and retweet valuable content that will be helpful to others.

Just be kind. Karma works wonders in the Twitter world.

Tweet multiple times a day. 

The average lifespan of a tweet is 15 minutes. Unless someone reshares it. So don’t be nervous about tweeting too much of your own links. I post about 24 times a day, once an hour. If that freaks you out don’t be afraid to do less and work your way up.

Make your tweets stand out.

Adding a photo to your tweet is the best way to make it stand out. Use Canva to make graphics to go alongside your blog post – you can use them within your post or just use them when you are promoting on Twitter.

You may want to make a few different images for the same posts as different images can attract different people. Text overlays work wonders – post the blog title or a quote. With that being said, you always want it to have your branding so people recognise that it’s your tweet. That could be the colour scheme, font or image style you use.

So, there are some tips that should help you increase traffic from Twitter to your blog.

What are your best tips?


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