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Wow, can you believe it’s November! This year has flown by, as has the month.

I had a great month – I had a week off work which always means I’m having a great month! We went to London for a few days, ate lots of nice food, drank lots of nice beer and walked lots. I’ve got some posts coming up about various things we did.

I also started a CIM marketing course. I’ve been looking for a new job but struggling as I’m not really qualified for the marketing jobs I’ve been applied for. I’ve been put forward for a few things and I’m waiting to hear back about a couple of jobs, but it’s a long process! It seems like things are slowing down now and not too many jobs are coming up. Just got to keep trying. It’s difficult as I’m well paid in my current job, but my heart tells me I need something new and I won’t be able to progress if I stay here.

Got lots going on in November, too. My niece is coming over from Australia which is amazing. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I visited Oz. I wish I was back there now. I miss it and my family over there every day.

How’s your month been?

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