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Christmas gift ideas

Buying presents can be stressful. Even if you know someone really well, you may still worry about what to get them. I always doubt my…


Buying presents can be stressful. Even if you know someone really well, you may still worry about what to get them. I always doubt my presents. I think it’s the gift I’ve bought is a fab idea and then BAM. Right before Christmas I change my mind and decide it is a crap idea and I should get something else. The amount of time I’ve bought 2 presents for someone because I’ve got cold feet is unreal!

Anyway, if you are stuck for gift ideas and unsure what to get, check out this gift guide that I hope will inspire you into selecting a kick as gift for your friends and family.

A personalised family portrait.

Just one Google or Etsy search and you’ll find many artists and websites that offer personalised family portraits, or anything personalised really. Perfect for all families, whether someone’s just added a new member to their family or moved house and want pictures to make the place more homely – it’s a thoughtful idea!


I totally don’t have enough money to buy someone a drone a gift, but if I did, I’d love one. Can you imagine some of the photos and footage you could get from owning a drone? You could literally take your Instagram game to the next level. Check this out for more info.

Experience days.

Sometimes we can end up with too much stuff and the last thing we want is to be given more stuff at Christmas that we don’t know what to do with. Though gifts are cute and a kind token that someone has thought about you, a lot of gifts are just cheesy items that aren’t actually useful.

Don’t give someone a gift, give them an experience instead. From beer tasting to jumping out of a plane – there are experiences for everyone to enjoy.

A snowglobe.

Everyone loves a snowglobe. Musical snowglobes are just magical and make a great Christmas gift. Have you ever been able to walk past a snowglobe without giving it a shake? They’re lovely and you can get loads of different ones from varying prices. It’s something they can get out each Christmas and display in their home!

Coin collections:

I had a coin collection when I was younger, I was fascinated with old fashioned money and money from countries. I used to always buy coins at markets and kept them all in a pouch. You can buy gold coins here. There’s also some lovely birthstone and zodiac coins that would make a lovely gift. There’s also special edition ones for events like Christmas!

DNA Test.

Gift someone the gift of learning about their ancestry with a DNA test. These are popular for a reason – it’s interesting to know where you’ve come from and find out about the generations that came before you!

Naked wine.

I stumbled across this website that sells wine with a twist. Each bottle has a quirky name – most of them are a bit cheeky but makes for a great tongue in cheek gift.


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