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The last time I visited Archipelago was on the 4th date I had with my boyfriend. I was vegetarian back then and had this avocado soup and a vegetarian curry that was amazing.

This time, I was a meat eater and determined to try some new things. Archipelago is an exotic restaurant that serves dishes from all around the world.

Walking into the restaurant, you have to give a password before you are seated. The decor is stunning with inspiration from all over the world, it gives a real sense of ambience – and I hate saying that word!

Service is faultless. As soon as you are sat down, you are brought the menus, offered water and drinks. We didn’t wait long for our food to arrive and the moment we had both finished our dish, our waiter was there to remove the plate. I’ve never had anything like it.

Now, the food. I had snake to start with. The technical version of the dish was:

Sweet-chilli smoked python carpaccio, green tea & wasabi crackers and olive puree
The python is self-didn’t really taste of much. It was a bit rubbery, like calamari. The rest of it was delicious – a bit on the hot side but that’s nothing I am afraid of.
My boyfriend had the most amazing prawns. They were delicious, I was jealous!
For main, I had a crocodile curry. It was so tasty – the crocodile took on the taste of the spices in the curry, the texture was a bit like lamb. My boyfriend had alpaca which was like pork/beef. Very delicious.
For the starter, I had a honeycomb ice cream. Complete with a bee on the side. Wow. It was amazing. My boyfriend convinced me to eat the bee even though I wasn’t sure. I did it in the end, it was exactly as I thought it would be. Not nice. I do not recommend eating insects. I did not have a good experience! The rest of the desert was delicious though.
My boyfriend had a chocolate and curry ice cream which was surprisingly delicious!
We’ll be going back to the place again next time we go to London, even if it is a little on the expensive side – it’s worth it.

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  • Kezzie

    I second the looking lovely in that dress comments.
    ” I had snake to start with”- I had to do a double take!!! I think I would have imagined it to have that texture and as I dislike Calamari for that very reason (it makes me gag like mushrooms do)- I wouldn’t choose that! What an exotic place to eat. I am finding it harder to eat a huge quantity of meat in recent times (I like it, but not able to eat so much) so I think I might try the veggie curry you had last time!

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