A Guide to Visiting Europe’s Must-See Locations

There are many must-see locations throughout Europe; however, due to Europe being such a vast continent, you may have to select your destinations carefully. The…

A Guide to Visiting Europe’s Must-See Locations

There are many must-see locations throughout Europe; however, due to Europe being such a vast continent, you may have to select your destinations carefully. The best way to see Europe is to rent a car and road trip from country to country. If this is not a possibility, then choosing a few neighbouring countries can make your travels much more seamless.

When selecting the countries you wish to visit, there are a few factors you should consider. Ask yourself these following questions:

  • What is your budget?
  • What type of climate do you want?
  • Are you after a beach or city holiday?
  • How long are you travelling for?

The answers to these questions can help determine whether you visit coastal countries, or fly into Germany or Switzerland for a milder holiday. Compare prices and different accommodation options for example cozy hotels with cozycozy and find the best vacation rental for you. Not sure how to start planning your European adventure? This following guide is going to list the best-of-the-best locations.

A Guide to Visiting Europe’s Must-See Locations

Family-Friendly Holidays

Algarve, Portugal

Looking for a place to take the kids? Or do you want to have a family reunion on foreign ground? Algarve is a coastal region of Portugal, known for its Atlantic beaches and picturesque fishing villages on low cliffs. Head to some of the most scenic beaches in Portugal (and Europe!), or visit Ria Formosa – islands perfect for hiking and cycling. With this region’s family-friendly vibes, there are many villas in Algarve available, which are both safe for kids and a family getaway without compromising on style and comfort.

London, England

London is a metropolitan of trendy bars and restaurants, pulsating clubs and festivals, and filled with cultural landmarks and museums. You can select a hotel in your borough of choice, and plan family-friendly activities that’ll not only keep the kids entertained but the adults too. Head to Big Ben and the London Eye, see the Tower of London, and if it’s winter time, visit Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland.

Cheaper Holidays

Krakow, Poland

Krakow is becoming increasingly enticing to holidaymakers. Not only is it filled with culture, but the architecture, the food, and the entertainment are superb. Head to the Main Square and take a horse-drawn-carriage ride throughout the city, visit Wawel Castle and its museum, and take a train from the city centre to see Auschwitz. Flights are cheap, and the conversion rate could be in your favour, too, so consider putting Krakow on your list.

Budapest, Hungary

Considered one of the trendiest destinations to visit, Budapest is a perfect destination for couples, friends and lovers of history and culture. You can experience it all here, from clubs and quirky bars to museums and infamous monuments, such as the Buda Castle and The Chain Bridge.

Luxurious Holidays

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Recognised for its Old Town, Dubrovnik is an excellent destination for those searching for added luxury. You can stay within the Old Town itself, meander across the city walls and visit the forts and churches. For an unforgettable day out, book yourself a boat and tour the islands, such as Lokrum and Lopud. Dine at one of the many restaurants lining the small streets in Old Town, and indulge in delicious seafood and Mediterranean cuisine.


You may be thinking of Swiss chocolate, however, there is much more to this country. Renowned for being pricey, Switzerland is filled with Alpine escapades that’ll get your heart racing. Visit the Matterhorn or Lake Geneva, and head to Zurich for an urban adventure. Zurich is full of designer shops and tasty but expensive restaurants. You can stay at many alternative but luxurious accommodation types, such as exclusive yurts, all-natural Alpine huts, or holiday homes in historical sites.

Cultural Holidays

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a diverse and unique place to experience, and it’s full of art and cultural entrepreneurs. Over the years, Belin has dubbed itself as a popular entertainment centre in Europe. Of course, there’s a lot of history to see, from the Berlin Wall to the architecture that combines multiple periods and styles. Head to Museum Island, which is full of the most internationally significant museums. You will be able to find:

  • The Altes Museum
  • The Neues Museum
  • The Bode Museum
  • The Humboldt Forum
  • The Pergamon Museum
  • The Alte Nationalgalerie

Rome, Italy

When in Rome, take the time to learn about Ancient Rome and the infamous Roman Empire. Italy as a whole is drenched in history and culture, however, Rome is known for its incredible architecture and landmarks. Visit the Colosseum and learn about how gladiators fought for their lives, see the Roman Forum, the excavated heart of the Roman Empire, as well as the Trevi Fountain, the most famous fountain in the world.



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