What to wear for an Interview

What to wear for an Interview

Is there anything scarier than going for an interview? A first date, maybe. But apart from that – I don’t think there is. If you’ve been in the same job for a long time – the prospect of having to face an Interview can be terrifying. Why can’t they just fall in love with me from my CV and invite me for a chat over a glass of a wine, with a contract in hand ready to give me the job? WHY CAN’T THIS BE?

Sadly, interviews are a thing and first impressions count.

It can be tough deciding what to wear for an interview. I always feel like men get it easy here – a suit and tie would be perfect. But for women, it can be a bit more complicated. You don’t want to overdress, be too formal, be too casual, wear too much makeup or appear like you’ve not made any effort.

What you decide to wear for an interview will depend on the job you are interviewing for. For example, for a job in a law firm – formal is the way to go. A job in a digital marketing agency might be a little more laid back with their dress code. Nowhere is laid back enough to wear jeans though, so remember that!

If you are getting an interview through a recruitment agency,┬álike Day Webster, you can always call and ask the opinion of the recruitment consultant. They’re generally helpful and keen to support you in getting the role, so ask away! Failing that, have a poke around the website, social media and do a bit of stalking around LinkedIn to get a feel for the place.

Whether it’s full-on formal, or smart casual, here are some of the things I’ve been looking at on ASOS.

For me, I think I would go with a pencil skirt and shirt or a contrasting dress. Small heels or flats for comfort and confidence.

Ensure your outfit is clean, your hair is clean and if you are wearing nail varnish, ensure it isn’t chipped! Don’t wear too much makeup and perfume.

What to wear for an Interview


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