Tapped Leeds

Tapped Leeds

Wow, I can’t believe I’ve never visited Tapped before in Leeds! It’s right up my street! Found on Boar Lane in the center of Leeds, you can get a large selection of cask, keg and bottled beer. Lots of it is local, so be prepared to try some of the best Yorkshire has to offer!

They also have board games. Of course, we took advantage of this straight away and played Frustration and then Scrabble. There’s nothing more fun than sitting around an old board game with friends and a beer. I say beer, but I actually had a coffee and a lime and soda water while my friends tried the beer and cider. It was a little too early for me and I just can’t hack my booze anymore, so decided to wait a while before I started drinking.

One thing I loved about it is that they clearly state which drinks are vegan! They do offer a small selection of food that’s mostly pizza and some bar snacks.

I’m 100% going here again! It reminded me of some of my favourite places in York.

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