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Stepping out of your comfort zone to find happiness // A Career Change

Do you wake up every morning with those Monday blues? Sighing to yourself that you have to go back to work in a place that…


Do you wake up every morning with those Monday blues? Sighing to yourself that you have to go back to work in a place that doesn’t inspire you? Sure, we all have those days, but when you are feeling that more often than excitement for the things the day will bring, you have a problem.

Whether you dread going to work, or you simply feel unfulfilled, life is too short to not do something you love. You spend a lot of time at work, you should be in love with what you do.

The company I work for has served me well. It’s offered me security, good benefit packages, bonuses, pay raises and has given me training in lots of skills such as leadership, coaching, resilience, problem-solving and more. The thing is, I feel wasted. I’m at the top of my pay grade with nowhere else to go and I feel like I’m just going through the motions. I’m good at what I do, I get great feedback in performance reviews, I have great relationships with my colleagues. But I’m not challenged. When my company removed lots of senior management roles at the start of the year, I started to wonder what would be next for me.

I guess having a few life changes left me looking for stability. Until recently,  I found that with my job.

I moved in with my boyfriend, I moved to a whole new city to live with him and I was worried that changing everything at once would put a lot of stress on me. We’ve been living together for well over a year now and the stability I once found with my job, I now find in my relationship.

It just feels like it’s the right time.

I kept making excuses to not find a new job – this was mostly to do with pay. To change careers, I may have to take a pay cut and work my way back up. Working in York instead of communicating 2 hours a day will save on petrol costs. I no longer live on my own which is cheaper.

As I said, it just feels right and those excuses I found myself making before feel so stupid!

I’ve worked for the company I work for over 15 years. I started at 17 years old as a Christmas temp. I’ve worked at 6 different stores. It’s all I know. But I know it’s not for me. So I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and looking for other jobs.

With the intention of being open and honest, I’ve spoken to my senior management about this as I don’t want to be the type of person that goes for a job interview in secret and shocks their manage with their notice.

So, where am I at now? I’ve been applying for jobs, I’ve spoken to several recruitment consultants about what I’m looking for and hoping to hear back soon.

I’ve had a few of those dreaded generic ‘you have not been successful this time’ emails from companies that don’t believe I’m a fit and I’m not going to lie, it’s disheartening. I remain confident something will come up. I know I’m intelligent, a quick learner, I’m amazing at process, routines, systems and I have 8 years of management experience. I just need someone to look at my CV and see my potential.

I’m tired of people at work telling me I can do more and trying to justify why I’m not doing more. So I’m giving it a shot.

If anyone has had any experience in changing careers, I’d love to hear your story. I could use the hopefulness!


  1. Good luck! Changing careers is so brave! I’ve done this myself when moving to another country, it’s scary but you’ve got this!

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