How to set up Google alerts and use it to grow your business

How to set up Google alerts and use it to grow your business

Setting up Google Alerts is simple. You type in the keyword(s) and create the alert. You will then get an email notification for any mention of that keyword on the web, or you can go back into Google Alerts, click the keyword and it will show any new mentions.

You can edit the alert to change the frequency of emails you get, the source type, language, region and more.

How to set up Google alerts and use it to grow your business

How to use Google Alerts to grow your business. 

Checking mentions of your name, brand or business is a great way to grow your business. You can use this information to build links, reach out, build relationships and more.

How to set up Google alerts and use it to grow your business

Build links.

If someone mentions you on a website without linking to you, you can approach them and ask them to link back to you. Send an email thanking them for the mention and ask if they mind linking to your post.

Not everyone is willing to give you a link for free, so here are some things to think about:

  • Do you want to pay for the link? How much?
  • Do you want to offer to link to the article in return?
  • Do you want to offer social media exposure?

Don’t be surprised if you don’t get a reply, or are refused a link for free – remember it’s not your right to get a free link. Please do not continue to email the same person, again and again, asking if they have seen the email. If they have read and not replied, then they clearly do not want to take you up on the offer!

Build relationships.

Comment on the post to thank the author for the mention, Tweet them and the link to the post, email them and spark up a discussion.

Use as social proof.

Linking back to the article or sharing it on social media or with someone in private is a great way to prove your dominance and authority in the field!

Rescue a bad experience.

Not everyone is going to love your products or brand, so you may experience some negativity. How you respond to this can rescue this bad experience and help to build your relationship with the customer. Reach out to them, listen to them, decide what you can offer the customer to gain their trust, custom and loyalty! Use the feedback they give to improve your customer experience in the future.

Tip: If your company gets lots of mentions, these might be hard to miss. Set up an alert for [brand name] + intitle:review to ensure you don’t miss a review!

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