Complete guide to social media week 8 // Setting goals and finding balance

Hello! Welcome to the last week of the complete guide to social media. The short blog course where I gave the low down on how…


Hello! Welcome to the last week of the complete guide to social media. The short blog course where I gave the low down on how to use social media with your blog with a no-fuss way.

In this last

Week 1: Introduction.
Week 2: Branding.
Week 3: Twitter.
Week 4: Instagram.
Week 5: Pinterest.
Week 6: Facebook.
Week 7: Smaller social media channels.

Setting goals is a great way to track how you are doing and if your time investment is worth it.

Before setting any goal, it’s important to remember that they need to be smart goals!


This is the best way to ensure your goals are actually something you can react. If you have something vague like ‘get to 10k Instagram followers’ it doesn’t really give you a clear idea of what you are actually aiming for.

Your goal instead might be: gain 500 followers on Instagram in 4 weeks by spending 4 hours a week engaging with new profiles.

See how that goal is specific? It is measurable as it has an end goal. It’s actional as you’ve set how you are going to do it, it’s realistic as 500 followers are not too much, but still enough to stretch you and it has a timescale.

There are lots of different goals to set, but try to think less in followers, and more in engagement as that seems to be the big difference when it comes to measuring success. There’s a lot of speculation around people that have a high amount of followers but no engagement. Though this doesn’t always mean there’s foul play, it can be one of the indications that followers have been bought or bots have been used. Be sure to check out this post about how to tell if someones Instagram profile has been faked.

Your goals can also be about the type of content you want to put out there. Do you want to create a theme? Have a set amount of Tweets of Instagram posts a day? Increase your photography skills?

When you have figured out your goals, it’s important to remember you have a life outside your blog. So setting 10 goals that take a big chunk of time to action might not be realistic. You might want to set two or three goals and review in 4 weeks, giving you the change to adjust or change the goal. This gives you a good work/life/blog balance to avoid getting burnt out.

Hope you found this course useful and feel free to ask any questions in the comments below!

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