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Pros and cons of using an online pharmacy

The first time I got the contraceptive pill, I went through an online pharmacy similar to The Independent Pharmacy. I selected my pill, filled out…


The first time I got the contraceptive pill, I went through an online pharmacy similar to The Independent Pharmacy. I selected my pill, filled out a questionnaire, checked out and an hour later I had an email back saying I could pick up my pill from a selected pharmacy. Once at the pharmacy, I had my weight, height and blood pressure taken to ensure I met the criteria to take the pill.

Happy days!

It’s what we’re all looking for in this fast-paced world – fast, easy service.

That’s one of the main benefits of using an online pharmacy. You can get medication without having to visit the doctor. When I lived in Leeds, you could usually book an appointment about 5 days in advance. But my doctors in York is pretty terrible. To book an appointment you are looking at around 4 weeks! Of course, they do offer on the day appointments for emergency cases but for cases that aren’t urgent – you’ve got a long wait.

Not only does it save you time, but it means somebody else who needs to see a doctor is able to use the time you would have been there.

I’d only recommend using an online pharmacy for birth control or medication for something you are sure you have. Things like travel sickness, period delay, stopping smoking and migraines – or other illnesses you have been suffering with for a long time. It’s important not to self-diagnose yourself, even though it’s tempting!

Of course, using an online pharmacy has its risks. Check the pharmacy is registered and check the MHRA register to ensure the pharmacy you are about to buy from is verified to avoid buying illegal or fake medications. Most pharmacies will display these logos on their website.

Once you have checked the online pharmacy is legitimate, it’s important, to be honest with any form that you fill out. If you have any previous or existing medical conditions that you don’t declare, you could become ill from the medication and will need to be examined by a doctor face to face. It’s your health you put on the line if you’re not honest with an online doctor or online pharmacist!

Another negative aspect is that you may end up spending more money. Medication on the NHS will have the same fee per prescription, whereas online pharmacies will have different prices for each drug. This could work in your favour if the drug is cheaper than the NHS prescription, though!

Online pharmacies are great if they are used in the right way. They save you time and could save you money.

Have you ever used one?


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