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My top tips for new bloggers

So I’m approaching my 6th year of blogging. SIX YEARS. That’s insane! I guess that means I’m quite experienced? I don’t know. It definitely means…


My top tips for new bloggers

So I’m approaching my 6th year of blogging. SIX YEARS. That’s insane! I guess that means I’m quite experienced? I don’t know. It definitely means I’m old! Anyway, I wanted to share some of my top tips for new bloggers.

My top tips for new bloggers

You grow over time.

If you’re new to blogging, you can’t expect to have everything figure out straight away. It takes time to grow your blog, develop your voice and style. It’s okay if you feel like your blog is a little rough around the edges. Your blog template and photography style might not seem on par with everyone else, but this gives you something to work on. Remember they’ll always be people that you feel are ‘better’ than you at certain aspects of blogging. Don’t let that demotivate you, let it inspire you.

Make friends.

Social media and blogging go hand in hand, so it’s so easy to start meeting new people. Start making friendships with bloggers that you feel like you have a connection with. Of course, not everyone will be eager and keen to be your new best friend as not everyone has lots of time to spend on social or making new relationships, but when you find those that are similar with you it makes blogging much more fun, you can bounce your ideas off each other and learn new things.

Don’t try to be everyone’s bestie.

While making friends is important, it’s also important to remember you can’t be best friends with everyone. Blogging is not a popularity contest – remember lots most bloggers already have a pretty tight-knit group of friends. I’d say the best thing to do is to have a group of people you are close to and build your relationship with them as it makes blogging much more fulfilling when you start to form emotional connections to those people. Rather than lots of people you know a bit about but aren’t really close to.

Make sure you understand the etiquette.

Don’t follow loads of people and then unfollow, don’t spam comments, don’t ask for a follow back, don’t cut and paste the same comment onto 100’s blogs. There are lots of no-no’s when it comes to blogging etiquette. The best way to figure out what is genuine or not is to ask yourself if you are doing something just for a page view, like or follow. Or are you taking the time to engage with someone because you enjoy their content?

Recognise those with fake followings.

I wrote a whole post on how to tell if someone has a fake Instagram following. Learn to spot the signs because you will get accounts that follow, like 15 photos and then wait for you to engage with me and drop you. Recognise who is worth your time and who isn’t.

Don’t worry about the numbers.

Worrying about numbers is the best way to get discouraged. Though it’s fun to track your growth, try not to get too dishearted. The fact is, 99.9% of people aren’t going to blog up on social media or write a viral post. Work on those genuine engagements and having 10 or so people regularly engage with your content, rather than lots of people that visit once and then never again.

Set realistic goals.

Blogger burn out is real, guys. Though it might be tempting to start daily blogging, or uploading 4 Instagram posts a day, this isn’t realistic. Set your goals to something that is realistic to you and your lifestyle. You might only post once or twice a week, that’s fine.

It’s much better to post regularly, like once every week, than to post daily for 7 days, burn out and not blog again for a month. If you’ve got lots of ideas for posts, just schedule them a few days apart.

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  1. I am coming up to 6 years blogging in November. I thought you had been blogging a lot longer than me. You are way more of an expert. This is fantastic advice. I wish I had known this when I first started blogging. There is so much to learn and to be honest I still learn something new everyday.

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