Mr Ps Curious Tavern // York

Mr Ps Curious Tavern // York

We recently visited Mr P’s Curious Taven. We didn’t have a great experience there and after trying to complain and getting shrugged off, I posted on Twitter. They did tweet me and ask me to email them about what happened.

Rather than re-write the whole experience of the night again, here’s the email:

We had a table booked at 6 pm to celebrate our anniversary. We had looked online at the menu and decided before that we would get the ‘Taste by surprise’ which includes a meat board, 2 drinks and 7 small plates for £70.

When we got there, the menu we had been given was different to the menu online and it didn’t have the taste by surprise option on there. We asked the waitress if it’s still on offer as it’s advertised on the website and I showed her this. As the meat board was on the menu still and small plates were also on the menu (though different to the online menu), I didn’t think there would be an issue with us still getting this as you obviously had all the ingredients for it already.

The waitress went to ask in the kitchen. At the time, we were the only two people upstairs so we could hear very clearly what the chefs were saying. They yelled at the waitress saying things like ‘tell them it’s too busy and we can’t do it on a Saturday’ plus other excuses. They got quote nasty with her when she explained it’s on the website still and was saying ‘what should I tell them?’. She came back to us looking a bit flustered but with a smile on her face saying ‘that’s fine we can get this for you’. We did say that we could hear what the chefs were saying.

The food was lovely but the whole situation was awkward. The waitress was clearly trying her best to serve us, while the chefs were rude, arrogant and how the spoke to her was disgusting.

When we paid, we told the guy at the til and he said ‘they’re just puppets’ and shrugged it off which is why I decided to Tweet about it as it seemed our concerns were not taken seriously at all. I’m a manager in retail and know what it can be like when customers complain about something that is out of your control so I am always careful to make sure I am not rude and aggressive to staff when I have a complaint.

I think the waitress was called Hayley or Kayley – she had red hair – just wanted to point out she did nothing wrong and she did so well to continue to give us great service while being spoken to like that from the kitchen staff.

I don’t think anyone should speak to other colleagues the way they spoke to her that night, regardless of if customers can hear or not!

Like I said, the food was delicious, we’ve also visited The Star Inn and had a wonderful experience there. It was just made very awkward by the kitchen staffs attitude towards the poor waitress.

Mr Ps Curious Tavern // YorkMr Ps Curious Tavern // YorkMr Ps Curious Tavern // YorkMr Ps Curious Tavern // YorkMr Ps Curious Tavern // YorkMr Ps Curious Tavern // YorkMr Ps Curious Tavern // YorkMr Ps Curious Tavern // York Mr Ps Curious Tavern // York Mr Ps Curious Tavern // York

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