Kitchen Worktops from The Marble Store

Kitchen Worktops from The Marble Store

How many times have I posted about kitchens on this blog? Lots! I just can’t help but yearn for a bigger kitchen with more counter space to cook on. I’m currently constantly having to move things around when I’m cooking as there’s about as much space for one chopping board and a couple of plates. Very frustrating!

When we move house next, a bigger kitchen has to be a priority. We have been toying with the idea of getting a house that’s a little bit cheaper but needs work rather than having one that’s 100% complete to start with. A bit of a project so we can make it exactly how we want. I think I’m going to take control of the kitchen, but my boyfriend doesn’t know this yet! (as well as the living room, bathroom, and bedroom ;))

Kitchen Worktops from The Marble Store

I’d want quality worktops and The Marble Store has a large variety. With an assortment of styles and colours, they can fit in with any decor. I’d go for top quality worktops with the intention of having them for a lot of years.

I love the idea of the Silestone countertops as they are the material of its kind, it has an anti-bacterial composition giving it added surface hygiene. Very important where you are prepping food!

Kitchen Worktops from The Marble Store

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  • Sarah

    I can’t wait for the day when I can actually have a kitchen I can move about in! Ours is so tiny, there’s zero workspace so cooking can be such a nightmare! The lighting is pants too! So I need big, bright and airy! I’d also love a breakfast bar and a windowsill herb garden! <3

    Saloca in Wonderland

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