How to Delay Your Period: 5 Ways How to Put off a Period

AD| Many women try to put off their period cycle for various reasons. Some do it for the pain; others do it because they have…


AD| Many women try to put off their period cycle for various reasons. Some do it for the pain; others do it because they have an important event, like their wedding, a sports event, etc., coming up. If for any reason you do not want a visit from Aunt Flo this month, read below to find out how to put off a period.

Don’t forget to speak to your doctor before you try these methods!

how to put off a period

How to put off a period

Contraceptive Pills

These pills are the most common method of delaying periods, but they can have many side effects. All birth control pills come in a 28-day pack.  These packs consist of 21 active pills and 7 inactive/placebo pills. The purpose of the latter kind of pills is that they keep you in the habit of taking pills.

Contraceptive pills control the hormones in your body so that you do not get pregnant. They basically control your uterus and ovaries. Usually, when women take these pills and then stop, they do not get normal periods, but they get estrogen-related withdrawal bleeds.

If you have a sports event is coming up or if you want to delay a visit from Aunt Flo for any reason, all you have to do is skip the inactive pills. However, you have to make sure you continue the active pill for a longer period—until you want the period. Once you stop, you might get the period in two or three days. However, the chances of heavy break-through bleeding are extremely high, so have a large supply of sanitary napkins once you stop taking these pills. 

However, this method is a bit unreliable. What if you forget to take the active pill and take the inactive pill out of habit? Well, the good news is that you can use the birth control pills in another manner. For this, you will have to plan ahead.

For instance, if you have a sports event 5 months later and you want to delay your period by 10 days in that month, it is advisable to delay your period from the current month. This means that instead of having 21 active pills this month, you take 31 active pills this month. Follow that with 7 inactive pills. This will delay your period in the following months. Scientifically this method is known to delay periods more effectively.

Birth control pills are also used if you want to delay your cycle for longer periods—for more than just a week or month. There are special contraceptive pills that can extend your cycle. With such pills, Aunt Flo visits after three months and not monthly.

For this to work, you will need to take the pills for a longer number of weeks. Most of these drugs encourage taking them 12 weeks at a time.


This pill is a hormone tablet that can help control your period.  Norethisterone is a great alternative to contraceptive pills and is recommended by Click Pharmacy. You will have to be prepared and organised for this method though. All you have to do is take the pill three times a day three days before the day your period is due. Once you stop the pill, two to three days later you will get your period.

This pill works by altering your progesterone levels. As it is a progesterone hormone, it keeps the level of progesterone high until you want your period. As these levels do not drop, the lining of the uterus does not shed, and your period does not begin.

Delay them with a Patch or Ring

You can use a contraceptive ring, such as NuvaRing, to delay your period. After three weeks of your cycle, just use a new ring instead of the seven-day break that you would have taken.

If you are using a contraceptive patch, then the same logic applies. Apply the patch for three weeks and then one more week. Do not skip the patch-free week or you will get your period.

However, click pharmacy recommends not skipping your period for more than three months with this method. This can have many side effects.

Use a Softcup

These can be used for a short-term fix. It is actually a feminine hygiene product, but it can also delay your period effectively. The method does not really stop the period but prevents the blood from flowing out of the vagina.

Once soft cup is inserted, you can use it for 12 hours, and it is also quite comfortable.

This cup is very useful as it does not have side effects like contraceptive pills do. They can also be used anywhere— jogging, travelling, long-distance walking, and even for sex.

Home remedies/ Natural Remedies

These methods are not that effective. The probability of the period being delayed in this manner is very low. However, these methods have the least side effects.

The most common methods this way include drinking two teaspoons of vinegar thrice a day, drinking gelatin mixed with water, and eating a piece of lemon and gram lentils. To delay periods, some people consume fried gram lentil soup with warm water every day a week before their period is about to start.

It is also recommended to cut spicy foods— hot peppers, ginger, garlic, paprika and black pepper— from your diet. Add fruits, vegetables, and green beans in it. All this will slow your menstrual cycle.

In addition, avoid foods that increase “heat” in your body. These include mangoes, pineapple, dates, sesame, and papaya.

These are just some five temporary methods to delay your period. If you want to delay them for many years, other options, like an IUD, are available. However, we recommend asking a doctor about such procedures. For short-term period delay, the above methods are the most popular ways. 

Again, do ensure you get advice from a nurse or doctor if you are interested in trying any of these methods.

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