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How to blog when you’re stuck for time

I’m typing this while watching my new favourite TV show The Circle. This means I am trying to follow the TV show while trying to…


I’m typing this while watching my new favourite TV show The Circle. This means I am trying to follow the TV show while trying to type this post. You know why? BECAUSE I AM STUCK FOR TIME.

It can be tough. Having a job, commute, going to the gym, blah blah blah we yeah we all know. Life outside of the double-you-double-you-double-you-dots.

Who would have thought?

So here are some dead quick way you can blog when you are struggling for time.

Lunch break. 

Take your laptop to work and blog on your lunch break. You can edit photos, schedule social media and reply to emails if you prefer. But I really like to sit on my own for 40 minutes after I’ve eaten and just type up a blog post to sort out later.


It’s just nice to sit at home on the sofa and watch TV when you are at the end of a long day. If you have to do a bit of blogging, put something on the TV that’s easy to watch or a show you have seen before. then it doesn’t need your full attention and you can blog while relaxing!

The gym.

Although you can’t blog at the gym, you can go on social media when doing some cardio. I tend to go on Instagram when I’m on the stair climber or bike at the gym – it’s easy to like photos and leave some comments. You can also listen to some podcasts and watch some YouTube videos that are blog or social media related.


If you use public transport, it’s a great time to blog! Either on your laptop or make notes on your phone.

Short bursts work.

You might not be able to sit down for a full hour and write, edit and sort out the images for a whole blog post, but you can work in short bursts. You can quickly write a post and come back to it to proofread at a later date, then add images in at a later date. 10 minutes is all it takes to write a few hundred words, so get typing!

What do you do to blog when you’re short on time?

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  1. Short bursts are my best friend! Lately I’ve been getting distracted when I try to sit down for an hour to write, so I just sit for 10-15 minutes and get out what I can in a draft, use another short burst to write some more, another to edit, another to edit images… and eventually it gets done and I haven’t wasted time like I usually do!

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