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Helmsley Spice Curry House

  Earlier in the month, we took a trip to Helmsley. It’s somewhere we used to go quite often before we moved to York, but…



Earlier in the month, we took a trip to Helmsley. It’s somewhere we used to go quite often before we moved to York, but haven’t been for a while. Last weekend we met up with some friends and hit up the curry house.

Helmsley Spice is a quaint little curry house in the heart of Helmsley. It offers take out as well as table service. We’ve been 4 or 5 times before. We went on Sunday before the bank holiday.

Luckily we booked as the restaurant was packed when we got there. A rare sight. As it’s only a small town, it’s usually rather empty! We ordered and waited for our usual papadums and dips to arrive when a group of women walked in, one with a flashing crown saying ‘bride to be’.

A hen party. In Helsmley? What? Like, there’s nothing wrong with that, but there are about 3 pubs in Helmsley so it’s not your usual idea of a hen do. Certainly not the type of hen do where you’re wearing flashing crowns and sashes.

There seemed to be some mix up with the time they booked and they were not happy. They were shouting and pointing in the man’s face who was trying to calm the situation and saying he needs to find them a seat and give them all a free drink until there are tables for them.

There were no seats.

You have no right to point in anyone’s face.

Jog on, love.

After a while they left. Good.

Anyway, our main took ages to come! It was a tad annoying. Our table was at 7:30, we ordered about 10 minutes after and our main came at 9:15pm. We didn’t leave until 10pm.

We’ve not had issues like this before, it must have been because it was so busy. The food was as lovely as ever though. I had lamb shank which was delicious. I’m susprised I ate it all. The other curry is our friends butter chicken. I didn’t take photos of the rest as it’s not always appropriate to lean over and take photos of peoples food. Even if you really want to.

I’m not put off by the slow service as we have been there many times and it seems to just be a one-off.

Helmsley Spice Curry House Helmsley Spice Curry House

Helmsley Spice Curry HouseHelmsley Spice Curry House

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