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Has mindfulness and self-care gone a bit too far?

Guys. Something has been really bothering me lately and I feel like if I talk about it then I am going to open myself up…


Has mindfulness and self-care gone a bit too far?

Guys. Something has been really bothering me lately and I feel like if I talk about it then I am going to open myself up to a world of pain and Internet hate. But I just can’t keep this inside anymore. I’ve had this post in my drafts for ages and I’ve been struggling to decide whether or not to post it. But today is the day.

So, everyone seems to be banging on about self-care. I’m seeing this thing a lot, especially on Instagram and Twitter.

It’s this whole motivational-self-care-mindfulness thing that seems to be trendy right now.

Has mindfulness and self-care gone a bit too far?

I think I hit the breaking point when I saw a self-care monthly challenge that had tasks to do each day to help with self-care. Here are some of the tasks:

  • Breath.
  • Food.
  • Sweat.
  • Sleep.
  • Cozy.

I just don’t know what’s going on in the world anymore. We have to have a chart to remind us to sit down and breath. To remind us to eat well.

I mean, I understand the need to take some time to chill and rest, but since when did it turn into ‘I am tired so I’m going to do self-care this weekend and stay in bed and watch Netflix’.

Maybe it’s because I’m 32 and probably a different generation to some of these preaching the idea that you must look in the mirror and set out a good intention each day. But when I was younger, I used to breathe and eat and exercise and sleep on a daily basis without a chart prompting me to do it. And I still do.

It just all seems too airy fairy and I’m trying to figure out if people are just not able to cope as much anymore with real life, or if it’s just the popular thing to do to get likes and follows. Or if it’s just an excuse to avoid doing something you don’t want to do be saying ‘I need to do self-care’.

One minute everyone is running around screaming about hustling and being a #girlboss. Lack of sleep, working as many hours as possible, being BUSY BUSY BUSY and the next, we’re spending the weekend on the sofa eating crap and calling it self-care. Everything is so extreme.

Instagram is full of all these posts about it. Posts about that and motivational tripe written like a click-bait post. I’ve seen guides encouraging people to write like this for more likes. People love it. These pep talks seem to draw people in.

A few months again, I even tried to write things like this and it started to make me want to vomit. I understand the odd post – when you’ve overcome something and you want to share it with others. That’s fab. But when every single post is some cliche phrase that’s the same as everyone else’s, it just seems so fake.

Not only does it grate on me, but it also makes me worry for the next generation. People just seem less able to cope with stress and deal with everyday situations. I can’t figure out if this increase in ‘self-care’ is causing people to use it as an excuse to avoid doing the things they don’t want to do. Or if it’s something more serious.

The world has changed a lot and there is no questioning things are much more fast paced and people, in general, are just exhausted. Could this be causing the need for us all to be reminded that we don’t have to go 60mph all the time and it’s okay to slow down?

What are your thoughts?



  1. We need to find a balance between being too busy to think and being too tired to do anything. Why are we as humans always attracted to extremes? Good question.

  2. I don’t read nor follow ‘self-care’ books or blogs because I personally feel a lot of it is common sense. You need to care for yourself, how and what differs from one person to another.

  3. I’m on the fence with this. I just reviewed a wellness sub’ box as it’s Self-Care September ya’ know! But, that’s about it really, I mean like you say it’s common sense. I try not to bang on about it the rest of the time. These things seem to tend nowadays, anxiety is another which is currently trending. In the blogging world it appears that unless you suffer from anxiety you’re not so relevant! It’s almost used as some kind of commodity to to attract like-minded followers. (Unpopular opinion) We are humans, anxiety is normal, but it’s blown out of all proportion. I actually muted the anxiety hashtag on twitter!! Literally every other tweet is anxiety based. We all have situations that cause us to feel anxious but that’s all it is, it’s treated like a disease for some reason! Anyway, rant over haha. Great post!

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