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Clothing wishlist by my 10 year old self

  When I was younger, I had a similar fashion sense to what I have now. I love pretty clothes, dresses, and skirts. I had…


Clothing wishlist by my 10 year old self


When I was younger, I had a similar fashion sense to what I have now. I love pretty clothes, dresses, and skirts. I had long hair and my Mum always put dresses on me.

Look, this is how cool I was:

Clothing wishlist by my 10 year old self

Anyway, when I was around 11, my style changed. It wasn’t great, guys. I did the thing that most 11-year-olds do and wanted to be like my friends. Enter Addidas poppers, Kappa tracksuit bottoms, Reebok jumpers, Le Coq Sportif hoodies with a pouch pocket. My neighbor used to call my tracksuit bottoms maggot breeders. I hated that but looking back, I can totally see why!

Basically, I was a chav. For about 3 years. Then thankfully it passed and normal service resumed. I’m so keen on dresses and skirts these days that it makes me feel a bit odd that I once work tracksuits every day for a couple of years! It’s a little sad what kids will do to fit in with their friends!

Although girls designer clothing was not something within my parents budget (I was more of a Tammy Girl kid), I did enjoy browsing through Strawberry and picking the clothes I would have worn when I was a child. Or probably would still wear now!

Clothing wishlist by my 10 year old self

I love the stripe shorts, they remind me of the dungarees I used to have a few years ago! I loved those things but sadly when I got into my late 20’s, I was a little too old for them. I just could not pull off a dungaree anymore! I think I’d still wear these shorts as an adult.

10 year old me would have loved the gold, shiny skirt with matching top. I had a bit of an obsession for gold things when I was younger. I remember spending a stupid amount on some ‘fools gold’ once on a school trip because it was shiny. I also bought a gold charm bracelet on a school trip to Paris and thought it was really gold for 5 Euros! Ha. It’s not something I would wear these days though!

I think those socks are perfectly suitable for a 32-year-old women as well as a 10-year-old girl? Am I right?

What can I say about the cardigan? My mum always dressed me in cardis growing up and it’s something that I still continue to do today because they go perfectly with dresses. You can simply add tights and a cardigan to any dress and it turns it from a summer outfit to a winter outfit! Simple!

I love mustard yellow so that jumper really caught my eye. I also like visible collars, I think it really finishes an outfit off well. For both adults and kids! I also loved the skirt and the pattern on it is adorable. Again, I think a dress in that pattern is something I’d wear as an adult!

I’d be down for the shorts and the green floral skirt still as an adult! It actually reminds me one I had a few years ago, though it was a lot longer. I really did get my wear out of that shirt before I had to get rid of it because it was a bit tatty.

I actually think my style as an adult is very similar to what it was when I was a child! Anyone else?


  1. My teenage self did the exact same thing! Out of nowhere I was all things jeans, trainers, tracksuits and hoodies and that lasted for years! I would get so self conscious in anything other than jeans, dresses and skirts terrified me unless it was for a special occasion – and even then it would take me forever to settle on one! It took me until WELL into my late 20s before I refound my love for dresses and now I rarely wear anything else! I feel like my inner Princess is finally free!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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