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Why I’ve taken a step back from the community

A couple of years ago, I was heavily involved in the community. Mostly by via Twitter. I was running a weekly Twitter chat, #socialbloggers, sharing…


A couple of years ago, I was heavily involved in the community. Mostly by via Twitter.

I was running a weekly Twitter chat, #socialbloggers, sharing lots of content about blogging and getting loads of engagement. I’d say that was probably the peak of my blogging career in regards to engagement, views, and growth. It was a great time and I felt involved with the community. I felt like I knew lots of people and I knew all the gossip. Good and bad gossip.

Over the past two years, I’ve taken a step back from the community. I’d be lying if I said this was intentional because it wasn’t. Things in my life changed meaning I simply didn’t have as much spare time to waste in front of my computer. When I have screen time now, I am either creating content on catching up on the blogs of my regular readers and commenters. Twitter and social media if a last port of call if I’m having some time online. Which doesn’t happen much at all.

It made me a bit sad at first. I tried desperately to give myself goals to keep my social media interaction alive. Reply to 5 Tweets in my feed during my lunch break. Follow certain hashtags on Instagram and engage with posts. But I’d open these apps and scroll through, skimming posts. And I felt nothing. No urge to reply. Nothing to say.

I guess a few things have happened to get me to this point.

  • I’m 32 now. I’m old for a blogger. I just can’t relate to a lot of things younger people are Tweeting about.
  • Ever other Tweet in my feed seems to be someone saying they’ve got anxiety. While I think it’s important to be open and honest about mental health, I believe that should be in the form of well thought out blog posts that let other people suffering from the same thing see that they are not alone, that they can get help and there are things that can make you feel better. Jumping onto Twitter mid-panic attack just doesn’t seem productive or healthy to me at all.
  • A lot of people I knew have now stopped blogging, or also taken a step back like me. I have a group of friends in Whatsapp chats and we talk daily but don’t use social media much.
  • Leading on from the point above, I think I’ve replaced Twitter with Whatsapp.
  • I’m over blog drama. I honestly don’t care if Karen didn’t declare their post and is Sue bitched about it in a comment pod and someone leaked the screenshots. They seem like such stupid problems. I mean, 29 children were just killed by an air strike in Yemen going back to school after enjoying a picnic. And we’re crying over someone not putting #sp in their post and busy being offended because someone doesn’t agree with us. Just LOL.
  • I used to put so much emphasis over what people in the blogging community thought of me. It’s so weird that within the community, there are certain people who are popular and well known. There are people you want to be friends with and people you don’t want to piss off because they’re vocal and will call you out publicly. But outside of our small community, in the real world, we don’t know them. Why give so much power to people we’ve never met? I now focus more on those in my real life who I come face to face with, rather than my social status online.
  • I feel free now. I’m no longer burdened by guilt for not replying to every Tweet or losing 50 Instagram followers in a month. It’s just not a priority for me anymore.

So yeah, I guess taking a step back from the community wasn’t a intentional thing, but for me it was a healthy thing and a good way to gain perspective.


  1. I completely understand why you feel free now you’ve taken a step back. Blogging can be pretty intense, and add competitiveness and its a recipe for drama.

    I’m glad you’re happy!

    Jess | The Crown Wings

  2. You have been a major inspiration to me and I’m sure to thousands of other bloggers. 32 is not old for a blogger. If you want to see old, just take a look at the photos of me in my last post. I’m old enough that I could be your grandparent. You look very young and pretty.
    I too see the tweets from bloggers who have anxiety and/or depression and are going through rough periods in their lives. Some are more serious than others. I do feel a lot of sympathy for them all. There are indeed a lot of horrible things going on in the world.
    Sometimes, however, there are lighter, more heartwarming things I run across on Twitter or elsewhere.
    It’s actually wonderful that you are planning to take some of the pressure off of yourself. I am sure that no matter what Social Media you post on, what you choose to share will be well worth reading / looking at. I love your blog posts, your photos, your Tweets, and your old YouTube videos.

  3. It sounds like stepping back has been good for you personally. I’ve never been into the whole social media aspect of blogging and haven’t kept up with it even though it would probably mean more traffic fro my blog.

  4. Honestly, the anxiety thing goes on my nervous. Maybe that’s a bit harsh, but people should stop complaining on Twitter about their mental health in that way. They usually post discouriging tweets like “I have anxiety, I can’t do anything.” instead of “you’ll get through this, we”l get through this together”. I had to unfollow so many bloggers because of that.

  5. I thought your comment that you’re old for a blogger is interesting- I’m in Australia and I don’t get that impression as much here.

  6. I’m a lot less active online now. I started a new role at work 3 years ago, and over the last year I managed to get full time hours and my GAWD… I am too exhausted for twitter chats. I’m currently 3 weeks behind on blog ‘admin’ and replying and making comments. It’s hard to do with work, so I feel bad, but at the same time, I feel free too. It’s just my fun side-hobby again for the time being 🙂 Tania Michele xx

  7. Great post and totally understand. I love what blogging has bought with friends, too which I consider you to be one. But it is all about balance and life is about living, not about a virtual online life and ignoring those around you. I have been finding it hard too do all the things I want and at some point things have to give. Your not an old blogger but the focus should be on a creative one Lucy x

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