We went to Helmsley!

We went to Helmsley!

Last Saturday we decided to go to Helmsley for the afternoon. Helmsley is a little town in North Yorkshire that used to be one of our regular destinations on a Sunday afternoon before we moved to York. It’s tiny but cute as hell. Highlights are Helmsley Brewery which has delicious beer. There’s also a traditional sweet shop, a couple of delis that sell amazing pork pies and a handful of pubs.

They have a traditional fish and chip shop that is amazing and always packed. We’ve been to the Indian place there many times, Helmsley Spice, for meals. The market town also has a castle you can visit, which you do have to pay to go in.

They often have things going on in the town hall. There was a gin festival last week!

If you are in the area, then this cute town is worth a visit.

We went to Helmsley! We went to Helmsley! helmsley north yorkshire helmsley north yorkshire helmsley north yorkshire

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