The Dormouse York

The Dormouse York

The Dormouse York is part of the Vintage Inns chain – it has 186 restaurants across the UK. I actually went to one in Doncaster called the Boat Inn to meet an old friend a few weeks ago! I recognised the menu when we visited the one in York.

This restaurant pub is not central to York, but about 20 minutes walk from where we live. We went for a midweek meal and a few drinks as I had a weekday off work.

The pub itself is adorable, the decor inside is lovely and it really does have that Vintage Inn feel. We had to wait an hour for a table, even though there were lots of empty tables in the restaurant area.

You can also order at the bar and eat in the bar area.

I had looked on the menu before I went and saw they lamb shanks, which is what I had my heart set on. That must have been a Sunday lunch option as it wasn’t on the menu we were given. I wasn’t won over by the menu, to be honest. They did have steak, but past experience has told me not to get a steak from a bar/grill style pub! I settled on getting the scallops and chorizo starter with Ceasar salad – but have them brought out as the main as my boyfriend didn’t want a starter. He opted for a steak and ale pie.

The staff were lovely but the service was slow. You could see the staff running and rushing about, doing their best, but there just weren’t enough people. We ordered drinks and they took a long time to come.

They finally came and we ordered food. The didn’t have my starter, so I had the calamari instead.

It came pretty quickly but I’m sad to say I was disappointed. The Ceasar salad dressing tasted like salad cream which is my nightmare. I do not like salad cream and my 3 older brothers used to trick me into eating it as a child. The calamari wasn’t great either – it’s always hit and miss though, I find. It was too chewy. My boyfriend loved his steak and ale pie though. It looked impressive with a massive puff pastry lid!

I’m quite put off this pub for eating, but I’d go again for drinks and maybe Sunday lunch. When I went to the other place in Doncaster, I had a Waygu burger with sweet potato fries. That was lovely. It’s pictured below as the menus are the two places were the same.

It’s just a pity when you don’t fancy anything on the menu!

The Dormouse YorkThe Dormouse YorkThe Dormouse YorkThe Dormouse York The Dormouse York

The Dormouse York

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  • Mica

    It’s a shame the food wasn’t the best and you had to wait an hour for a table! It does look like yummy food though, and a nice place to eat! 🙂 Maybe your photography skills!

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend 🙂 We are getting some much-needed rain here which is fantastic. Does mean we aren’t doing what we had planned though, haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  • Laura

    Oh that’s a shame 🙁 I went to uni in York and we used to go to The Dormouse quite regularly – I think it might have been owned by different people then because I remember the food being quite good. But I guess at least now you know for the future. And the photos of the place in Doncaster look great!

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