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How do you measure a successful blog

Being a successful blogger. This is something that most bloggers aspire to, or have at least aspired to at some point. Although it’s not a…


How do you measure a successful blog

Being a successful blogger.

This is something that most bloggers aspire to, or have at least aspired to at some point. Although it’s not a dream for me anymore, it certainly has been at some point. I guess after almost 6 years of blogging, my idea of a successful blogger has changed.

While it used to be the image of someone with millions of followers, being recognised in the street, getting paid a stupid amount of money to promote some lipstick, it’s not like that for me anymore.

I just wanted to share with you what my idea of a successful blogger is.

How do you measure a successful blog

Age of the blog.

I think how long you have been blogging for is an indicator of how successful you are. Some people quit after months or even weeks. If you’re been sticking with blogging with consistent content for a year or more, I think that’s pretty impressive.

Being an authority.

No matter how small or big your niche or community is, being an authority figure in your community makes you a success in my book. If you become known as someone with lots of knowledge about a subject and are the go-to person – ding ding. You are successful.

I feel like I was an authority within blogging at one point. This was supported by being nominated for blog awards and getting lots of people email me or contact me on social media for help and advise. I also often had people refer others to me. Though I still do get some of these things happening, it’s been a lot less since I’ve not been as present within the community.


I’m not ashamed to admit that I think how much money your blog makes is a measure of its success. I know the ‘moral’ thing would be to say ‘it doesn’t matter how much you make, it’s how much heart and soul you put into it’. For me, as soon as I realised you could make money blogging, it was a goal for me and something I see as a success.

Hitting a goal.

Your goal for starting a blog might be different than making money or becoming the next Zoella, but whatever that goal is, if you hit it, you’re a success in my book!


  1. This is why the numbers no longer bother me as much as they used to. For me, it’s more important to be a key presence in the community. x Nikita


  2. You’re absolutely right. There are quite a few ways to be successful as a blogger. It doesn’t have to be about being recognized in the street… Finding what our own definition of success is, can teach us a lot about how we see success. I think that in order to be consistent with blogging, we need to stop and ask ourselves what our definition of success is.

    I do agree with you on this- Being an authority and really knowledgeable in any field is a success. Number of followers and likes those are things that come and go, but the real connections we establish with others, real achievements—-these are things that stay.

  3. I think the point about being an authority figure is good, some niches are bigger than others and being well-respected in your niche is something to be proud of.

    I also agree about the age of the blog- keeping it up takes dedication!

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