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El Gauncho York

El Gauncho in York is an Argentine-style steakhouse that won’t disappoint. If you want to go on a Saturday – you need to book. We’ve tried before and was turned away. Last weekend we went on a Sunday afternoon. It was actually empty so we decided to go and get a drink and go an hour later.

We were still the only ones there when we went but we were quickly joined by others!

The restaurant has a rustic feel about it and as you can guess from its steakhouse description, it specialises in steaks and offers a variety of options from their meat grill. There are a few pasta, sides and salad dishes but I wouldn’t’ recommend this place for anyone who isn’t a meat lover.

Service is fast and you get lots of food, especially when it comes to the side orders. I picked chips and vegetables. For main, I got a mixed grill which was different meats and some salmon cooked medium rare. Yum.

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