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Add Cosiness to Your Home Ready For Autumn

When the weather starts to cool for the autumn (which I am so happy about after our scorching summer!), people start to think about making…


Add Cosiness to Your Home Ready For Autumn

When the weather starts to cool for the autumn (which I am so happy about after our scorching summer!), people start to think about making their homes more cosy ready for the long cold winter to come. Off goes the air conditioning and on comes, the heating, and warmer bed linen will be needed as well. There are other things you can do to make your home feel nice and snug.

Add Cosiness to Your Home Ready For Autumn

Soft Textiles

Soft textiles feel warmer and more comfortable than rougher materials. Knitted blankets, fleece throws and shaggy rugs will all help to make your home feel cosier. Cushions are also a good way to introduce soft textiles, as you can buy cushion covers in many different materials.

If you do not have any of these stored away from last year, check out Net Voucher Codes for your high street stores and online shops as these can save you a small fortune on your soft textiles. Doing this means you can switch things up every season without it costing you so much.

Have Your Chimney Cleaned

If you have a chimney and a working fireplace, get your chimney cleaned now before you start to use it this year. Nothing looks more warming that a fire burning in the grate, but take all the safety precautions available. For instance, every open fire should have a fireguard. This is not just for the safety of children and animals, but they will also catch any hot pieces that fall from the fire, If a burning piece of wood fell onto the carpet while you were out of the room, your home could be badly damaged by the time the fire is put out.

Of course, you could also put an electric or gas fire in your fireplace, and now there are virtual fireplace videos to give a warm feeling.

Lower Your Lights

Bright lights do not give a feeling of warmth. In fact, they have the opposite effect. Dim your lights or use lamps to give a warmer atmosphere to your home.

Stop Drafts And Insulate

To some extent, drafts around windows are minimised when you close your curtains, but you do not want to be shut in all day. The same can be said of doors and it is why some people go to the extent of hanging a heavy curtain of them too.

These can look very impressive and add to the feeling of warmth, but close off all the draughts first so that it does not matter if the curtains are open or closed. This is very easy to do with some draft excluding tapes wherever you can feel cold air coming in.

Insulation will also benefit your home. Start with the loft where it is said that 30% of your heat disappears/ This will not only help to keep your home warmer in the cold months, but it can also help to keep the sun out in the hot months and will keep your home cooler. You will also notice a drop in your utility bills.

If you have the type of walls that can be insulated, it is worth having them done as well.  Insulation is not overly expensive, but it really makes a difference to the warmth of your home, the noise levels from outside and the amount of your heating bills.

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