Top kitchen accessories

Top kitchen accessories

You know you’re getting older when your wishlists start to comprise of kitchen accessories!

I remember when I was a child, my best friend and I would make wishlists of toys from the Argos and Index catalog. Now I’m 32, I’m still making lists of things I want!

I love looking at kitchens! As we have a small kitchen, I’m always looking at sites like Kitchen Warehouse for inspiration. We don’t plan on living in this house long, so buying new kitchen units or having a refit is out of the question. Doesn’t stop me from looking, though, and finding other ways to make use of the small space we have. Here’s some stuff on my list.

Top kitchen accessories

We do have a knife block, but this fancy one caught my eye. It also looks easy to clean, too. One thing that bothers me about our wooden block is you can’t get inside to clean it!

The spice rack is a great space saver. We do have tiny pull out drawers with spices in, but we could do with another as we use spices a lot, the draw ends up full!

A Tassimo┬ámachine is essential in anyone’s kitchen, I think. Every morning I have a caramel latte from one of these machines and it makes waking up so much easier.

A cupboard organiser is a great idea. Especially for those corner cupboards that can end up messy when you’re trying to stack things on top of other things! A chopping board holder is also handy. We’re kind of lucky that our two chopping boards fit between the microwave and wall.

A kitchen roll holder is also handy. Beats having it sat on your windowsill like we do. It can also hook on cupboards, outside or inside if you want them hidden away.

So there you have it. My kitchen essentials. What are yours?

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  • Cordelia Moor

    I’m looking into moving out into my first proper flat this year, and I keep searching and pinning bits and pieces that I would really love, and kitchen bits are a weakness for me. I like everything ‘rustic’ and wooden – essentially I want a cabin in the woods, but in the big city!

    Cordelia ||

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