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Statement pieces for your hallway

If you’re lucky enough to have a hallway, then firstly, I am jealous. The door to our house opens into the living room and the…


If you’re lucky enough to have a hallway, then firstly, I am jealous. The door to our house opens into the living room and the stairs go directly from the living room to a small landing upstairs. In the next house we buy, I’m determined to have a big hallway. I love wide hallways and the extra space is also useful. I did have a little porch in the flat I lived in before moving in with my boyfriend which was ideal for storing shoes and coats, but it’s not the same as having a hallway!

When you think about decorating your house, your hallway will probably be one of the last things you think about. It’s the place we spend the least amount of time. But it’s also a place we can’t avoid as we use it to go room to room. So I think spending a bit of time and money on decorating it and making it look cared for is important.


If you don’t have much space, you might need to opt for a for hooks on the wall to hang coats on, but having a coat stand in the corner of your hall can serve as a real statement piece.


You can get different types of keyholders that are not only a practical way of making sure you don’t lose keys, but also can serve as a key feature in your hallway decor. I’ve selected out a rustic key shaped one to go with the theme I would go for, but you can get lots of different ones.

I even found a cool Harry Potter one that said ‘Alohomora’ on! Just search Amazon for one that suits your tastes, hobbies or theme.

Shoe Cupboard.

Shoes. We all love shoes but they are a pain to store. Having shoes on display can make your house look messy. We currently have a rack that is like a two-tier stand, so you can see the shoes. My preference would be to have them in a cupboard like in the photo above. Hidden away to make the hall look tidy!


I bet most people wouldn’t even consider thinking about the radiator. We accept the one that’s already there. Usually, a typical white radiator which has only one purpose – to heat the home up.

Look at some of these cast iron radiators over on Trade Radiator though. Aren’t they stunning? I love the ones with the vintage patterns. If you had enough space I think one of these would look great in a hallway as the main feature. There are also some copper ones if you’re going for a more trend,y modern look!


Having a cushioned chair can not only look nice but it is a place to sit when putting your shoes on and tying laces.

While I don’t have room in my current house for any of these things right now, it doesn’t stop me daydreaming about what my future home will look like! What features would you like to see in your dream hallway?

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