Making a charm bracelet with F Hinds

My Mum has a charm bracelet that is full of charms. When I was younger, I was obsessed with it. I remember this one she had that was a pram. The wheels moved and everything. I spent hours and hours playing with it. I’m really not a fan of those Pandora bracelets, I know a lot of people have them but I think they’re a bit chavvy! I do love the traditional style ones though.

When I was looking through the diamond jewellery on F Hinds website, I came across this silver diamond set charm bracelet and then found myself looking through all the charms and feeling a bit nostalgic. So I then decided to pick out some I would like. I know some of these are for the Pandora style ones, but in my imagination, they’re clip-on for the style of bracelet I like!

I couldn’t resist the bike, seeing as I love cycling myself. The passport, too, to represent travel. There was also one of a plane which I was tempted with! A TARDIS charm because who doesn’t love Dr Who? I selected the rainbow mainly to represent my support for the LGBT+ community.

The other charms are just ones I thought were cute and wanted to add to my bracelet. The umbrella with the rose gold is adorable and there are many other rose gold charms on the website.

I had to stop looking before I had too many tabs open, I could spend a fortune on this site!

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