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Get your bedroom ready for summer

  It’s getting hotter and hotter! I love summer. I’m never sure if summer or spring is my favourite season, they both have a special…



Get your bedroom ready for summer

It’s getting hotter and hotter! I love summer. I’m never sure if summer or spring is my favourite season, they both have a special place in my heart.

The sun really gets my moods lifted. It’s hard to be a grump when it’s sunny outside. Apart from if you’re stuck at work, maybe.

Anyway, I love decorating parts of your home to reflect the season and summer has to be one of the seasons that inspires me the most to do this. Here are some ideas to make your bedroom more summery!

Get your bedroom ready for summer

Your bed.

Your bed is the most important thing in the bedroom. If you haven’t got a quality bed with a good mattress, then this is something you need to fix as soon as possible! Of course, you are not going to buy a new bed for every season. A bed decent bed will last for years. It’s worth the cost! I recommend a place like Divan Beds Centre to get a decent one!

The first thing you should be doing is putting a lighter duvet on your bed. We swapped ours from a high-tog to a low-tog a few weeks ago and it’s much nicer to sleep in now. I was overheating every night before.

The next thing to do is get summery bedding. Whether it’s a light, plain coloured one or a bit of floral. Your bedding can really change the feel of a bedroom. Supermarkets and shops like Primark have a large range of bedding for great prices, meaning you can afford to have a new set for each season!

If you have cushions on your bed, check Amazon out for some new cushion covers to match your bedding.

Your curtains.

Floral curtains again are something to look into. Light curtains look nice but think about the practical side too. The sun is setting much later and rising much earlier, so you might want to consider blackout curtains if you struggle to sleep with light shining in.

Bedside tables and surfaces. 

I love to keep things minimal, but a vase of flowers or a few bright trinket boxes can brighten up the room and give it a summery feel.

You might also want to consider a table fan for those very few, but intense, heatwaves we have!

Your walls. 

You don’t to re-wallpaper for each season. If your bedroom has neutral walls then you can simply change what you put on them. Whether you prefer framed photos or a canvas, an image of a beach, floors or a field in summer is a great way to get your bedroom as summery as you feel!

How do you summer up your room for this season?

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  1. My ‘summer’ bedroom is currently an Ikea mattress on the floor, with clothes that haven’t quite made it back onto the hanging rail, but this is for sure making me want to get my butt in gear and freshen up my room! It’s so hot right now all I want is a clean, bright, and fresh room to loll in out of the sun.

    Cordelia ||

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