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Well, June was a hot and eventful month!

Can you believe the weather we are having? After the most awful winter, we are finally being rewarded with the sun! I am extra happy now because I’ve just broken up for 16 days off work, it’s my birthday on Monday and on Tuesday I am lying to Crete for 10 days! Amazing.

June brought me lots of fun, here are some of the highlights:

  • Went to see Beyonce with Debenhams!
  • My boyfriend’s little sister visited and we spent a day in York.
  • I went into York for a hair, my Beyonce outfit and had a bit of a date with myself.
  • My PT gave me client of the month again, so I won 4 free sessions!
  • Me up with my old university friends and housemates.

Bring on July!

york blogger instagram york blogger instagram york blogger instagram york blogger instagram

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