5 ways to revamp your house without spending a fortune

5 ways to revamp your house without spending a fortune

How many of you can say that you’re completely happy with your home? I’m guessing many of you have plans for improvements, dreams of extensions or even just a lick of paint here and there. Of course, all these things come at a cost. But there are some things you can do to transform the look of your house without spending as much as you think.

Paint your windows. 

It might sound a bit weird to paint your windows and doors, but companies like The Restoration Group specialise in Painting uPVC Doors and windows. You can paint them any colour with their specialist paint at a fraction of the cost of getting new windows and doors fitted!

Make your own cushions or chair covers. 

Cushions can really transform the look of your living room or anywhere else that might have cushions. Or even a bed! They’re easy to make yourself and you can pick your own material. You just need to Google to find lots of tutorials. If you’re feeling a bit more confident, then you may want to try making new covers for your sofas and chairs!

Paint your staircase. 

Is your staircase natural wood? Painted white? Dark Wood? A sand down and a re-paint can really change the feel of your hallway.

Get new blinds.

The windows can be the focal point of your room and how you dress them can make a big difference. Big heavy curtains, blinds, light material – they can change the mood of a room both in terms of how much light can get in and how bright they are! Go to your local blind shop such as Express Essex Blinds to see what option would suit your home best.


Adding plans can also make a difference to your home. Whether it’s small pots on your side tables or big pots on the floor with 5ft plants growing out of them.

Do you have any ideas for transforming a home without breaking the bank?

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